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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. I can't understand a word of the chorus on Gun Shot. Also think that Va Va Voom (from the excellent preview) and Mannequin should both have made they standard, especially instead of Automatic). REALLY uncohesive album though. Anyone else finding it a little "flat" after being so excited from the previews. The bulk of RedOne tracks in a row was not a a good idea!
  2. Except, for better or for worse, almost none of Roman Reloaded is a furious, cathartic or deeply personal as Eminem's songwriting. The 'Dick in your faaaace'-type moments are on par with Em's flair for lunacy but the commitment to a beastly 'persona' that he possesses is sadly absent.

    There's more wit, originality and flair in a single utterance of 'I don't speak German but I can if you like' than there is in the 5 RedOne productions here, which completely whitewash Nicki's personality and leave her sounding utterly anonymous.

    And rather than Britney, I'd say the album is filled with more would-be Rihanna tracks than anything (going off Rih's last two albums anyway) but even then, it would be a case of 'Young Forever' would make a good replacement for 'Fading' on 'Loud' or people would eat up Rihanna singing about her love for a 'Beautiful Sinner' to a Poppers O Clock production, rather than any of the songs being stellar in their own right.
  3. Love the trolling in Beautiful Sinner. The first 17 seconds sound great with the synth and rapping but then it's back to Cascada.
  4. In a way though, I'm really glad she has just thrown everything out there. People here are pretty polarised about tracks on the album. There are some loving Marilyn Monroe & all the other pop tracks littering the 2nd half, when I'm all for the first 6 tracks & Stupid Hoe is my favourite track of the year.

    This way we can all make an album we like, rather than her leaving 10 of them on the cutting room floor to make it more cohesive.
  5. Not even star ships? That's a killer with a filler.
  6. I'm needing gunshot lyrics. The chorus would be insanely catchy if I could actually sing along. I hear 'gunshot' and 'blood clot' ... not enough to even form a sentence from.

    The only 'chunk' I'm not into is the Champion-Sex In The Lounge bit. She goes from some of her deepest lyrics on Champion to Lil Wayne bigging up the withdrawal method with a Chris Brown bridge in between.
    Given I knew I wouldn't be big on these songs from the preview, I'm not dissapointed.

    Beez In The Track has really grown on me since it's leak, and it's my least fave of the rap section, so am very happy indeed.
  7. I really wish Pound The Alarm had been the big dance single over Starships since the first verse actually retains a bit of the Nick/Roman spirit while still being every bit as catchy and melodically sound, and yet not quite as dumb either. Even the drop, though equally ridiculous, fits that bit better. What better way to follow the battle cry of 'Pound the alarm!' than with an onslaught of furious sirens?

    The 4 other dance tracks simply feel too RedOne feat. Nicki Minaj to truly fit on this album.
  8. It should have been:

    1. Roman Holiday
    2. Roman In Moscow
    3. Stupid Ho
    4. Come On A Cone
    5. Pound The Alarm
    6. Young Forever
    7. Whip It
    8. I Am Your Leader
    9. HOV Lane
    10. Beez In The Trap
    11. Champion
    12. Roman Reloaded
  9. Well she's almost redeemed herself. I do wish the tracklisting was a bit more shuffled, it's a bit much to have huge chunks of similar sounding songs together. "Roman Holiday" & "Come On A Cone" are absolutely fantastic, and "Pound The Alarm" & "Whip It" are the best dance tracks. Unsurprisingly, "Sex In The Lounge" is the worst song on the album. Stupidly excited to see her at V Festival now!
  10. Fuck it I don't care. We got 23 tracks instead of 12-16 like a normal album. I can skip the shit, just glad I have the choice to!
  11. Are we all in agreement that Pound the Alarm should be the next single? Followed by Automatic in the height of the Summer? Yes? Good.
  12. I love Roman Reloaded, except for those last 30 seconds.
  13. Which of the rappers was her 'fave NY N-word' from that tweet earlier in the month?
    Nas and Cam'ron are both NY right?
  14. I'm starting from the dance section. I just hate rap !
  15. You know what this album is like? A tour set list. Opens up with rap, slows it down for a bit with the RnB-lite then the dance section. All leading up to the finale if that makes sense?
  16. i thought in automatic she was singing "bring the bill" instead of "ring the bell" hahah
  17. forget about that, who's the Rap Legend she talked about????
  18. Probably Nas? Isn't his Illmatic album a "classic"?
  19. Roman Holiday is the best thing she's ever done. Why is it not a single yet?

    I love Beez In The Trap but it's such an album track.
  20. Nas is definitely a rap legend. He's regularly voted top ten all time, top five even. He may not be the one of the more successful rappers, but he's indisputably a legend of the genre.

    Yes, that's exactly what I thought when I heard it. I hope to god that doesn't mean she sees Stupid Hoe as a show ender though.
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