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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. I've had 'Gun Shot' in my head all day, its so 'summery', also Pound The Alarm is amazing. Nicki has dissapointed after she gave us the run of the mill, California Gurls/ We Found Love's ugly sister ,'Starships'.
  2. bonus tracks have leaked!
    masquerade is so good, that chorus is so catchy.
    va va voom as expected , i love it!
  3. I'ma save the deluxe tracks until I get them Monday, but is Turn Me On the same?
  4. She was.
  5. yep, it's the same
  6. Va Va Voom is literally everything I want and need in life and more. Abusing the repeat button until it's my most played song on Bye.
  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Most definitely! When she did choose to sing, however, she was wonderful.
  8. Va Va Voom is very Super Bass pt. II. I don't hate it.

    Masquerade has the right idea in the verses but the chorus is too cheesy.
  9. The succession of Pound the Alarm, Whip It, Automatic and Beautiful Sinner is PERFECT.

    I haven't heard Va Va Voom yet.

    How can someone just choose when they want to sing? If she was lipsynching, wouldn't the backing track be constant?
  11. Va Va Voom is the Super Bass of the album and I reckon it would smash if released.

    I've been listening to the album all day, and whilst I don't hate it, I don't rate. I'm a big Nicki fan and I absolutely loved Pink Friday as I don't think she was trying too hard to be someone. On this album, due to the mix of hip-hop and pop/dance it just doesn't flow well and doesn't seem genuine.

    The hip-hop songs for me do not go hard enough. If this album is meant to be Roman, then she is being very tame because the Roman I love absolutely spazzes on features but not on an album thats meant to be based on her alter-ego.

    The pop songs don't seem like Nicki to me and the Red One songs sound extremely samey. I do enjoy Whip It and Pound The Alarm but they sound very euro-pop and camp and not in the same vein as Turn Me On and Where Dem Gurls At.

    The next album she really needs to find her sound, because it's too mish-mash for me at the minute. She needs to find that sound that mixes the hip-hop and pop more cleanly like how she does in Super Bass.
  12. Really? I've legitimately never heard her sound more fucking insane than she does on Come On A Cone and Roman Holiday.
  13. I can't explain the logistics but without a doubt she's not live (or is being drowned by the backing track whether it was live or added in afterwards) until the second chorus. There's a noticeable difference in the acoustics (the two verses and first chorus and without a doubt just the studio version), not to mention the camera stays far wide during some parts early in the song to disguise her miming, if you look closely you can she's not in sync with the track at all times.
  14. This album is EVERYTHING!
  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It was supposed to be the lead single, maybe they pushed it back to make sure it didn't come too soon after Super Bass.

    Yeah, I can chime in on the acoustics bit. Her vocals are noticeably different.
  16. If carried throughout the booklet, then this artwork may be awesome enough for me to forgive the font on the deluxe cover.

    And can anyone work out what she's actually saying at the beginning of Gunshot that sounds like 'Manure'?
  17. That image above is AMAZING! Why wasn't it the cover?!

    Then again, it's not really the images that are the problem with the two existing covers, it's the horrific graphic design.
  18. I'm surprised she's not got any urban-pop uptempo's on this album. It's all either hip-hop or dance/pop.

    'Super Bass' was not a pop song, it was very urban and that's what is missing on this album. Something like that.

    Having said that, I love this album! The hip-hop tracks are amazing and the dance songs whilst not incredibly Nicki are just ANTHEMS.

    Just heard Va Va Voom and WOW. My favourite already
  19. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    She is sexy as.
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