Nicki Minaj - "Princess Diana" (Remix) with Ice Spice

I like Bussin better than Problem, but both feel completely underwhelming and inessential to me. Even a throw away release like Yikes! was better than this. No temptations to even guilt bop along to these tracks. Her garbage antics have really soured me on her as a person, and if this is what the music is going to be like then, I'll pass.


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The way her stanbase is 96%...brainwashed. I posted in the last year about how her accomplishments can never be taken from her, as she's led female rap to where it is now. There's a wealth of artists now available, and much of that comes from her ability to meld the tropes of rap and pop together. Without Nicki, we'd have no Doja (and without Missy/Kim, there'd be no Nicki, but that's a line already established). But that reveals such a pitfall. People confuse her legacy's standing as reasoning to excuse how much of a shitty person she can be, and the false equivalencies that people make are just severely uncomfortable. In the realm of injustice/wrongness, it's the concept of being wrong which should be recognized. And this whole "well other rappers/celebrities do/have done it too" messaging is convenient.

I fully believe in affording people the space to grow and evolve, but I don't think it's sensible to extend that when they show they don't want to be better, they just want the benefits associated with being perceived as better. Highly talented individual, but I'm not sure there's much she could do at this point for me to ever listen to her music again.

I think it's time for an update huh?