Nicki Minaj - "Princess Diana" (Remix) with Ice Spice

It's easy to look at what she's done the last few years and be dismissive, but she basically birthed modern stan culture on Myspace/Twitter and always made Barbz feel like there was a deeper personal connection than most artists have. Plus, she was ubiquitous across rap, pop, dance and r&b for over a decade... that doesn't just go away. Particularly when so few black artists get that type of across-the-board saturation. A lot of the Barbz will always ride for Nicki because she made them feel seen, heard and represented in a way they never had before. She's larger than life at this point.

It's crazy how people were writing the obituary for her career a few years back as Cardi's fame grew. I even remember someone here blaming Tidal scammery (of all things) for the chart success she was still having. Like her or not, she's still a huge cultural force.
Hopefully Nic doesn’t ruin this by throwing some men (outside of Rick James) on it

She liked a tweet asking if it was a solo song, so I don't think we need to worry about a feature. I'm more concerned about whether they have anything actually ready to drop (single cover/video, etc). Hopefully she doesn't waste the hype she has right now.
I wonder if she was just sitting on this and waiting for Cardi to release something before announcing it nn

It does sound like a bop though, first time I'm actually looking forward to a Nicki song since Queen.

She mentioned during those radio interviews a few months back that she was sitting on a big single but said she didn't want to come back after a long hiatus with a sexual song that sounded like what the other girls were doing (this was at the peak of Big Energy smashing). She also liked this...

Also - justice for Seeing Green and Fractions, both of which were immaculate and slept on (understandable, given... everything she's been doing).