Nicki Minaj - "Princess Diana" (Remix) with Ice Spice

The Young Money reunion in Toronto sold out seating in 25 minutes. Everyone I know in the city was trying to get these, so I knew it'd be a massacre. The handful of lawn seats have already gone from $125 to $650.

I got my tickets early.

I want to know who on her team said “yes, we have got a big viral clip going on right now….let’s wait 3 more weeks to drop the song”.

Gambling with Gen Z’s short attention span.
This is like the tactic though. See: Jack Harlow.

It worked for Jack because he’s one of the hottest artists right now. It has failed for others who have a lesser profile.

Yes, Nicki is a legend and always will be one but to say her profile right now is on the same level as Jack Harlow is not the case.
I'm assuming it's a matter of getting the video ready and MAYBE having some physical singles (if her team is smart). In terms of payoff, it could go either way – it'd be a shame if the song's moment passes before it officially drops, because it's already all over TikTok, but there's no doubt she's building hype. I'd have aimed to drop it a week or two earlier in an ideal world, but it doesn't make sense to launch without a video if they're aiming for a top 10 debut, which they clearly are.
Do We Have a Problem? is nominated for Best Rap Video at the VMAs. She was rumored to be getting the Vanguard Award last year until she pulled out, so I wonder if they'll give it to her this year. It's kind of perfect with Doja and Lil Nas X up for so many awards, seeing as they're both so directly influenced by her. Having them present it would be a real moment. And it'd line up perfectly with the launch of the single + a potential album announcement. The snippet keeps getting bigger and bigger on TikTok.

I'm annoyed but also not shocked.

1) She's made being an asshole her entire personality for several years now. 2) Tons of artists have worked with him over the past few years, including Nicki on Blick Blick with Coi. But even outside of that, we've seen The Weeknd, Mariah, Tyga, SZA, Wayne, Latto, and more use him or hop on songs he produced. He's basically been given a pass, which is really sad.

I guess I'll be pleasantly surprised if this turns out to not be true...