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Nicki Minaj - Queen

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Oh I'm perched.
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  3. Whoa. Like a full album? Is she trolling?
  4. She's trolling everyone just to cause a frenzy, right?

    But if she's not, let me hang out here for a bit.
  5. God help me, I'm lowkey perched.
  6. R92


    Oh shit.

    WAIT. What is she gives a "Where the bops at tho" album?! I'd cackle.
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  7. Apparently she was just kidding. Oh well.
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  8. At least this thread was somehow more bearable than the "Nicki Minaj - The Pop Album" thread.
  9. The title...
  10. Well, nothing to see here.
  11. Well that was a roller coaster of emotion.
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  12. Festivals.
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  13. How do ya know she's trolling?
  14. Yes! She's not waisting time!
  15. I mean...


    1. Mango
    2. Cherry
    3. Watermelon
    4. Bananas (harambe interlude)
    5. Grapes
    6. Raspberries
    7. Kiwi
    8. Pineapple
    9. Fruit Loops

    If she's serious with that.
  16. 4. Bananas (harambe interlude)

    I shouldn't condone this by laughing, and yet.
  17. Watch Fruit Loops be a shoutout to the gays.

  18. Where's Pomegranate though?
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