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Nicki Minaj - Queen

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. My hatred has somehow turned to indifference which is even funnier to me. When I heard about the video I was like "Oh, she's still going forward with all this?". What a whirlwind the last few months have been.

    I admire the fact that she's still giving content despite this campaign being dead for months. That's all I'll give her.
  2. I still don’t understand why it’s called Hard White.
  3. Hilariously, not even Genius has any annotations about the title, just a quote from Illmind where he says that it was originally called Half Back. I guess it was just to differentiate it in some way from the leak?
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  4. She has a 5th album ready to go. Her Queen Radio show featured two freestyles, one set to Goin' Bad by Meek and Drake.

    She also confirmed that Soulja Boy is on her summer tour.
  5. Purely speculation, but does touring with Soulja Boy mean that she's fallen out with Ariana? Or am I reading into things too much?
  6. That could have been good, but imagine the meltdown when she found out it flopped!!
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  7. Hard White still pops off, Anti Diary on a budget video aside.
  8. Big posters have started popping up on the tube in London for her tour, so the final month long push to sell those draughty-ass empty seats is truly on.
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  9. "Barbie Goin Bad" is... one of the cringiest songs I've ever heard. The second half, being basically her monologuing about people not wanting her to be successful, is embarassing.
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  10. Her saying that radio is trying to blackball her ffff. This never ending list of saboteurs.
  11. If her team were smart, they would get her to the Brits to accept the inevitable British Video of the Year for 'Woman Like Me' (and perform). It would help shift all those empty seats ddd.
  12. Barbie Drip is genuinely great, and I like Barbie Goin Bad until the last bit. It should have just ended at 1:20. I like a mixtape feel of these, though. I wonder if/how Drake and Meek are going to respond.
  13. These tracks are just not good. She's not doing anything different. Queen was a step in the right direction audio-wise, but these freestyles aren't grabbing me in the way that the Pinkprint Freestyle did, or even the Tringle.
  14. The only person whose sabotaged Nicki Minaj in the last year is Nicki Minaj. Period.
  15. It was a good feeling this morning to finally have that option on Spotify that allows to block artists and just block Nicki Minaj.

    I can’t even listen her anymore, she is so annoying.
  16. Well, Cardi & Nicki agree on one thing...

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  17. Just got promoted a post on fb about her Dublin tour so I take it they’re trying to shift tickets
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  18. Another freestyle. Apparently she's releasing one a week until a new album.

    Also, her and Ari are still bffaeaeaeaeea.

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  19. I listened to the new freestyle. Worst of the bunch.

    I’m really finding it hard to even give props to her music at this point. It all just feels very ‘product of a life crisis’ and she has no one around her to slap her.
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