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Nicki Minaj - Queen

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Remember when she gave us stuff like this

    yeah me neither

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  2. dying @

    "I Heart Radio is there a problem?"
    *confused cheering*
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  3. This is still the best thing from this era
  4. All three of the freestyles are great. I'm glad she's having fun like everyone else in hip-hop is doing right now even though she gets flack for it!!!!
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  5. Is she though?
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  6. Nicki having fun? Sure could have fooled the fuck out of me especially with her antagonizing actions over the past year and turning herself into a complete clown in the process.
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  7. She's having fun but we aren't.
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  8. My sister in law really wants to see her in March in Dublin. 74 euro for a standing ticket, is it worth it? Never been to any of her other concerts.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Yes. Tons of energy.
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  11. Based on the literal laugh in mid-verse, yes...?
  12. Of ALL the things.
    You could say great setlist?
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  13. Ah yes that laught is totally not fake. That's the proof I needed.
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  14. If Nicki's idea of fun is putting a stain on her legacy by continuing her antics and dating a murderer/pedophile, while supporting numerous pedophiles, then work.

    I guess.
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  15. I’m sure the setlist will be great as well!

    I’m referring to Barbiana when she genuinely laughs after the Your Love sample, not the cackling in Barbie Going Bad.
    I’m only talking about the freestyles.
  16. Can someone call for a welfare check on Nicki to see if she's okay?

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  17. But she Ariana around to send her ilysm messages so what’s good.
  18. Here we goooo

  19. Insinuating that Cardi isn't black is certainly an approach.
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