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Nicki Minaj - Queen

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. I think it's very idiotic of BET to disrespect one of their headliners like that. I'm glad she and Wayne pulled out of the show.
  2. BET going in starting shit, shocker.
  3. They've done it ever since Shether ddd I'm glad she finally caught on and isn't participating with them anymore.
  4. I feel like we're not getting the full picture there. So you pull out of a headlining festival slot, missing out on coin & disappointing fans in the process, because of some passive aggressive tweet from a social media intern?
  5. It’s definitely convenient, I’ll say that. But to be honest, nobody needs to be associating with BET in 2019 anyway. They are trash regardless of who is running their social media nn
  6. I doubt she's worried about the money. I think it's just the principle, kind of like the Summer Jam fiasco in 2012.

  7. Screaming.
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  8. Who is that woman in the third photo?
  9. The entire internet has made Cardi's win about Nicki. It... says a lot. Cardi's win was historic and a huge moment for her + female rap in general. BET serving annoying stan on Twitter is beyond stupid, especially when they had Nicki headlining their show and have supported her for so long. Neither Cardi nor Nicki have spoken about each other for months, but people can't let it go. Usually Nicki is insane but I don't blame her for being mad here.
  10. The person that wrote the article apparently.
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  11. [​IMG]
    This clown acting like she had any type of ratings pull. Award shows were all fun and convenient for her to show up at when she was winning but now she's so severely damaged her own public persona and she's too up her own ass to realize it's all her own making. No one except her Twitter fingers stans will even notice she's gone
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  12. Not me thinking it was a meme
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  13. Okay I can't stand Nicki right now but this doxxing... I -

  14. She literally attended and performed in 2018 when she didn't win anything... Just say you hate her and go.
  15. I mean...I know we're supposed to hate Nicki right now, but she hasn't said anything against Cardi (yet) and that tweet from BET was out of line. Celebrate Cardi's milestone award and leave the shady antics for fans to kii over online.
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  16. I hate her.
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  17. Don't go.
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  18. I mean...her posting that screenshot erasing Cardi’s blackness is not cute.
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  19. I... cannot feel sorry for her. She made a clown of herself and now they are starting to run with it. BET surely could have avoided that but see when you do Clownery etc etc
  20. Um not really?
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