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Nicki Minaj - Queen

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. The fact that I don't know if you mean the ocean or the record label now that Nicki is blaming bodies of water for her career woes...
  2. Trixie Mattel is also in Dublin tonight if you’re now stuck without plans and want a show as equally as messy as The Nicki WRLD Tour.
  3. Think you mean hyphenation, my friend.
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  4. This post I...
  5. I can see the same happening to Manchester, she just can’t handle 2 back to back shows it seems, not "Back To Back, Me n Drizzy laughed at that" being a foreshadowing for this tour.
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  6. I love not stanning for this woman
  7. NICKI WRLD is an appropriate name for the tour considering she’s only performing 4/5 shows.
  8. My bad.
  9. Rob


    That is seriously shitty to cancel 40 minutes before doors were due to open. Surely her 'team' were aware early today they couldn't get whatever equipment they needed here?
  10. She announced this a couple hours before? I mean missing equipment because of sea conditions is clearly more foreseeable than that no?
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  11. I guarantee she will use this same weather excuse to cancel the Glasgow show on Sunday.
  12. not in THIS dancerie
  13. Don’t know why I even checked but all Sea Ports were fine, and open so I have no idea why she lied.
  14. Oh you're right. Excuse my ignorance, I am from Birmingham in Rome.
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  15. ...why doesn't she just cancel the tour at this point? Like...
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  16. Did the dinghy carrying her tour wig and generator capsize? Sad!
  17. When a friend asks you if you want to see Nicki live, always say no!

    Sad tho because I'm sure Chun-Li would pop the fuck off.
  18. Right so I can see Manchester being cancelled. Have you seen the amount of empty seats?
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  19. So sad that her stage is lost at sea now
  20. And it’s the night after Glasgow, so I’m not sure they’ll be able to navigate the Pennines Ocean in time.
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