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Nicki Minaj - Queen

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. I'm in Dublin tonight and was ready to walk out the door for the concert when my sister in law got the text it was cancelled. Nothing else to do for the night but get drunk and drag her to the local gay bar.
  2. She'll be lucky to tour telephone boxes after this series of disasters.

    You could could probably fit all the people who actually bought tickets to the NICKI WRLD tour into a telephone box anyway, but still.
  3. Even if I wanted to believe that the past two cancellations were unavoidable, what the hell was she thinking this last time? This tour really ruined what was left of her fanbase in Europe. Those who are still defending her will probably reach puberty next year and will disappear anyway.
  4. That Bardi beign just won't let up.
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  5. Looks like Glasgow is cancelled too due to "the weather conditions".
  6. Cardi must be watching her residual fans/followers grow with each cancelled Nicki show and laughing.
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  7. Not her beefing with the fucking Irish Sea...

  8. 'The Head of International Touring'
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  9. I asumme they have these back to back dates and one set of stage equipment that they transport around the world (instead of two or more, as most decent acts have). Isn't it virtually impossible to mount a stage less than 24 hours after being used at a venue IN ANOTHER COUNTRY? Christ....

    I've yet to comment on my London experience, but I'll lay down a few words soon.

  10. Scream they think she does rehearsals.

    I can’t.
  12. Nicki: the Glasgow show is cancelled due to bad weather

    The weather in Glasgow for the weekend:
  13. Isn't bad weather in Glasgow the usual weather anyway.
  14. Don’t drag us like this
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  15. I adore Scotland, just saying tho.
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  16. Do we actually have confirmation Glasgow is cancelled? (Aside from her posting that text message basically telling us it is.)

    What a fucking mess this is. She’s got a cheek as well, she’s still in London so clearly had no intention of going to Dublin at all. Plus the fact that every single ferry sailed as normal today so the excuse of the ferry’s being cancelled is a load of shit.
  18. I’m still laughing at the singular “wig” in this post, like just one was so ugly the boat capsized
  19. Can't wait for the Manchester cancellation teebs x
  20. I've found it

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