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Nicki Minaj - Queen

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. What's her actually performed vs. cancelled show percentage at this point? I swear she's only done two or three full shows nn
  2. Are Manchester tickets £5 yet?
  3. This is the messiest shit we’ve seen in ages and I’m cackling. Just cancel the whole damn thing at this point.
  4. I watched some footage from the Paris show last night and it's....not worth it. WHERE is the budget?
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  5. You think this tour is safe from a landlocked area? Not when there's a port to the Irish Sea!!1
  6. ffff NOT Nicki's backdrop & broken stairs lingering around the British Isles like a pirate ship. Get the Royal Navy on ha.
  7. RJF


    Why am I howling?
  8. It’s snowing in Glasgow today. Can’t wait for this mess.
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  9. Rob


    In her defense (shout out to that Twitter account) she actually did arrive in Dublin. A friend of mine works in the 3 and he said the smell of weed when Nicki appeared was something else. The sea was partly the issue but her team 'forgot' part of the lighting rig in Birmingham so it probably wouldn't have happened either way, scream!
  10. Who knew that Nicki Minaj would turn into the Morrissey of rap?
  11. Literally all she needed to do was turn up to work on time. And not have the hubris to not perform half empty venues, I guess.
  12. Is Glasgow officially cancelled yet? I need to make dinner plans.
  13. She’ll wait until 6pm tomorrow when we’re waiting outside to cancel ha.
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  14. This thread belongs to the Louvre.
  15. This mess gettig messier, I live
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  16. This thread continues it's prolonged legacy of delivering.
  17. Glasgow is on as planned:

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  18. Until she arrives and sees the snow

    Also “due to speculation online” it was nicki herself saying it might not be going ahead
  19. Oh absolutely. I won’t believe it’s happening until she’s actually standing on stage haha.
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