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Nicki Minaj - "Super Freaky Girl"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. Looks like the new era is officially launching on Friday.

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  2. Apparently it’s just a delayed video for Coco Chanel (potentially featuring Ms Banks)?
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  3. Watch her just be dropping custom crocs on Friday and then disappear again dddd
  4. Why is she in Wendy Williams' office
  5. As long as she doesn't send a pair to Posh Spice!
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  6. I’m ready

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  7. Rhena pls
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  8. I'm ready

  9. There's definitely a single dropping on Friday. Just waiting for a Queen Radio announcement to complete the mess that this rollout is sure to be (I'm perched for every second of it).

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  10. The only good thing about this is it will get Cardi to drop new music.
  11. How is she gonna start a new campaign, before releasing that deluxe Pink Friday Vinyl that she promised?
  12. No lead single, but she uploaded Beam Me Up Scotty to streaming services with 3 new songs + Chi-Raq and Boss Ass Bitch. Her and Drake hopped on a live together right before it dropped.

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  13. She included Boss Ass Bitch and Chi-Raq too! Whew.

    Seeing Green is giving me Up in Flames vibes sonically, and to see the three of them together on a track that just sounds classic, after that live with her and Drake... I'm a little emotional.
  14. The mixtape isn't even the no DJ version that leaked a few years ago. As much as I like some of the songs on here, I don't need to hear "DJ HOLIDAY" every few seconds.
  15. Ah I’m actually elated Beam Me Up Scotty is one on streaming. I lost the USB stick which had it on there ages ago.
  16. This. Like I get the consant 'Holiday Season/DJ Holiday' might be nostalgic for some people. The record scrach on Itty Bitty Piggy is a smidge iconic. But if you're making this a proper moment, with merch etc, why have all the tags still on the tracks.
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  17. While I'm happy we finally got this, it felt like the hype for her announcement was kinda massive last night - feels like a bit of a shame to just waste that on this.
  18. Her fans were ready to get her to number one ddd let's hope they come with that same energy next time I guess...

    Anyway *adds Itty Bitty Piggy to all appropriate playlists*
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