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Nicki Minaj - "Super Freaky Girl"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. Rob


    Not marrying him might be the only wise decision she's made in recent years.
  2. Claiming to be married to him in the first place in the midst of all… *gestures* this kind of cancels it out, though
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  3. This is a scream, but if it's true, what exactly was the point of pretending to have married him? What's the benefit of that over either just being an unmarried couple, or actually getting married?
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  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The internet is a cruel place

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  5. The case against Nicki was dropped.
  6. "CASE DISMISSED" and "WE LOVE YOU NICKI" are currently trending on Twitter, and they're trying to trend #NickiDeservesAnApology (despite this not absolving her from anything). Barbs are embarrassing.
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  7. New single with Lil Baby drops next week. Mess incoming, I'm sure.

  8. The gag that she's finally doing a proper rollout for a single with a video that has no kiddie pool in sight, a talk show appearance the night of release, radio interviews lined up, etc. but she's literally lost all the goodwill she had going for her...

    She also looks incredible. Rushka Bergman is styling her again.

  9. I kept reading everything as the new single was with DaBaby and kept thinking, of course it is. But still not checking for this.
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  10. I thought this new thread title was a joke because she must have done something again, and it turns out she's releasing a single dd
  11. As did I, literally thought "Do we have a problem?!" would be part of some sort of messy Twitter exchange ddd
  12. She says she'd be down (and has been approached) to do a Verzuz against a female rapper, and there's "one or two" she'd be open to doing it with as long as it's "a celebration" and fun. Missy and Kim are the only two who come to mind in terms of actually having hit after hit to stack against Nicki's. Kim already said she wanted to. That would be a moment.

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  13. Jennifer Hough’s lawyer is refiling their case with new evidence in the LA County court system. Case was dismissed in NYC in order to move jurisdictions.
  14. It's Lil Baby.
  15. I’m genuinely interested to see how the new single does now that Billboard have banned the bulk buying that her stans are known for.
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  16. She mentions here that her label tried to launch the campaign with a sexual single while she was pregnant but she didn't feel comfortable with it; Gunna also sent her 'P Power' but she couldn't write to it. Seems like the album is going to be more in the vein of Pink Friday in that it'll be a lot less sexual. She also mentions that she just sent a verse to a female rapper but didn't want to spoil who.

  17. It's giving You Need to Calm Down.
  18. Yes that's why I said "kept" not keep!!!
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  19. She’s turned down P Power and Industry Baby in less than a year?!?
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