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Nicki Minaj - "Super Freaky Girl"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. Don't forget Get Into It (Yuh)! Dddd. I feel like a proper Nicki/Doja collab is inevitable at some point, though, especially since they share management now. Nicki said a while back that she'd like to get in a studio with her rather than just be sent a song.
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  2. But that would require her to get vaccinated.
  3. She seems to be in a totally different headspace than she was a few months ago. With Nicki I know better than to think anything will stick, but these interviews have been incredibly refreshing. She definitely knew she had a lot of image repair to do.

    And after this clip went viral today...

    ...she made peace with the City Girls.

  4. That was a quick u-turn ddd. At least she's not *EXPLOSIVE SFX!!!*ing them I guess?
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  5. I’m not buying a second of whatever she’s attempting to sell.

    Good luck!

  6. The acting....
  7. [​IMG]
  8. WTF is that gun scene lmaooo
  9. I am ready for Nicki's Swept Away remake.

    But on a serious note, this song is... not her best. I'm hoping the rumours are true that the sound of the new album is similar to Pink Friday because I love her first album.
  10. Next is Little Mix?
  11. I like both the song and video . This is most hit worthy song she’s had in a while .
  12. This is shit ddd. It's barely even a song. Just sounds like a boring freestyle over a sub-Need to Know beat. Definitely not "hit worthy"...
  13. Mmm this is not a good song. It's very dull.
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  14. Yeah the song isn't it. It's just forgettable, nothing special about it.

    The video is hilarious, I can't tell if she's taking it serious or it's a parody?!

    The song at the end sounded better, but reminded me of the T*kashi 69 song she done.
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  15. The birth of a new meme...
  16. The song slaps. It's no Chun-Li, but it feels like a smart song for streaming. She said the other Lil Baby song is dropping next Friday. Her team put a lot of work in... she premiered it at the Lakers game and co-hosted Corden right after it dropped. It's wild what competent management can do.

    The video is... a Nicki Minaj video (but without any pools). The effort is there, but it's unnecessarily long and the acting is awkward for most of it.

    Also, her merch team made a shirt that says "Grammy Winning Artist Nicki Minaj" ddd.
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  17. Soooo she jumped on a song with Lil Baby and then ape’d his flow?

    Yeah, I’ll pass.
  18. This is music these days?! Could have fooled me... that last 40 seconds of the music video has much more potential and personality then the rest of that 9:13 minute video...
  19. This is currently #3 on Apple Music, #1 (explicit) and #2 (clean) on iTunes, and the video is trending at #1 on YouTube. It'll be interesting to see how it holds up through the week and if radio gets onboard.

    She's dropping Bussin with Lil Baby next Friday and says the album, potentially called Pink Friday 2, is out "very soon" and definitely before summer.

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  20. The song is boring as fuck & the video... Who budgeted this and why?
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