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Nicki Minaj - "Super Freaky Girl"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. She's doing carpool karaoke next week.

    I'm also shocked at how well Do We Have a Problem has maintained on radio. It's approaching top 10 on Rhythmic and top 20 on urban.

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  2. Mr.Arroz

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    The easiest way to guarantee that no sensible viewers show up!
  3. Antics aside, it's sad how Nicki's material took such a nosedive after Queen. Her discography up to that point was pretty much iconic, but I feel like since then we got a great guest verse here and there, and everything else (that I've heard at least) has ranged from terrible to nice enough. I think the last song she was involved in a really love was Tusa? I'm definitely curious if her next album, if it ever sees the light of day, is going to be a return to form of sorts, or if she's pretty much just lost it.
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  4. Starships will always go off tbf!
  5. She’s honestly so endlessly charismatic and watchable. It’s kind of easy to forget that because of all the fuckery that has surrounded her over the last few years.
  6. You can tell she hates it with a passion though ddd

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  7. Unfortunately, that’s very true! I have to admit that I wholeheartedly enjoyed her on carpool.
  8. It is really frustrating how she's pissed away her entire legacy. She was such an artist but all of that feels soured with what she's done. Even her recent songs are nowhere near the same quality of material as before.
  9. I actually think she's released a ton of great rap over the past year, it's just been largely overshadowed by her antics (and diluted by random turds like the Jesy feature). Seeing Green, Fractions, Whole Lotta Money, Blick Blick, and We Go Up are all great. Do We Have a Problem has grown on me a lot, too.

    That said, a more 'major' lead single like Chun-Li is definitely needed to launch the album. I think Problem was mostly used to get rhythmic and urban radio back on board, which seems to have worked.
  10. RMK


    Queen is responsible for when she started to became more insufferable, but I will say she delivered with content. Chun-Li and the rest of the album were genuinely good, and showcased why she was so important in female rap. Nothing since has hit the same.
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  11. I agree I actually think she’s released some stellar tracks and had some stellar verses the past couple years it just gets overshadowed in the mess she puts herself in .
  12. Something I want (but feel she will never deliver) is a concise, 10-12 track album, with no filler. All of her albums could be cut down to that, Queen was the perfect opportunity, but sadly she lacks the quality control over her own material, instead going for quantity.
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  13. I think the legacy isn’t as shot as we might think. Carpool is a very strategic move, and it shows a willingness to engage, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a big cover and profile in the works. The Barbs and Barbs-adjacent always struck me as an unusually forgiving standom. But she definitely needs a hit, and not just one judged by number of streams, but something that really hits.
  14. Honestly Starships aged like milk and whenever I hear it at the club it always kills the buzz
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  15. I also feel like the quality has been pretty consistent. And that she'll get out of the last couple years unscathed. Bums me out.
  16. The truth is that her legacy was never truly in jeopardy. Outside of PopJustice and stan Twitter, anything outside of the music barely registers with people (I'm not saying that's right or ideal, just that it's true). The biggest question in my mind was whether brands would shy away from her going forward, but that never happened – in the last few months she's done a Marc Jacobs campaign and signed a deal with Amazon for Queen Radio. She's headlining at least two major festivals this summer. In the same way that Kanye could get away with murder and still always be praised and do big numbers, her legacy is too big to be undone at this point. I do think she's beyond the days of having a massive pop/crossover hit in the US, but she doesn't really need to do that anymore. It seems like the plan is to lean into hip-hop and rap more aggressively.
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  17. Pretty much agree, though I could see a pop/crossover hit in the future. Not like Starships, but something similar to Cardi's big hits.
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  18. My thinking is mostly that Top 40 radio barely even gives the white girls over 35 a chance, much less a black female rapper. Any of her success at this point is, quite frankly, pretty unheard of. The fact that she's put 4 songs on Billboard this year already is incredibly impressive. I do think she'll line up another Latin or dance track for international markets over the summer, though, in the vein of Tusa and Swalla. She mentioned wanting to work with Bad Bunny during her radio tour, which could be huge.
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  19. I think if Nicki wanted to cater to a pop audience she could do so easily without the support of radio just off the fact that the streaming would probably be massive. But I do think that’s not where her head is at right now.
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