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Nicki Minaj - "Super Freaky Girl"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. I was going to stream the #WeGoUpVideo but my power went out. [​IMG]
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  2. Basing an album release on a Wireless Festival appearance... the same festival that a few years ago she was 6 hours late for and they had her call from the taxi to say 'lol I'm on my way' and then she was so late she just did 8 songs in the middle of David Guetta's set, while he was still on stage. Yes it will happen sure sure.
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  3. She came out an hour late at Essence Fest ddd but her set list looked pretty solid. I'm seeing lots of speculation that she's pregnant again, but that could just be annoying stans talking because she isn't stick-thin.

    Set list:

    1. Do We Have a Problem?
    2. We Go Up
    3. Did It On'Em
    4. Beez in The Trap
    5. Flawless Remix / Feelin' Myself
    6. Whole Lotta Money Remix
    7. Rake It Up
    8. Dance (A$$) Remix
    9. Anaconda
    10. Roman's Revenge
    11. Up All Night
    12. Throw Some Mo
    13. Plain Jane
    14. Itty Bitty Piggy
    15. Make Me Proud
    16. Bedrock
    17. Y.U MAD (With Birdman)
    18. Chun-Li
    19. Only
    20. Seeing Green (With Lil Wayne)
    21. High School (With Lil Wayne)
    22. Truffle Butter (With Lil Wayne)
    23. Superbass
    24. Moment 4 Life

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  4. The last 4 songs, yes!
  5. Well...
  6. Her UK show seems to be getting out of control. I hope everyone is safe.

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  7. I saw Nicki on Wireless the last time she played and it was madness - I actually left the vip section cause people just opened the ramps and started rushing the stage. Security was actually enabling it as it looked like it was their mates being let it. First time I was scared at a concert.
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  8. Wild unsafe scenes
  9. Utterly obsessed with Nicki last night announcing an impromptu meet and greet for today at the pizzeria attached to Koko in Camden, waking up regretting it and immediately backtracking on her IG Story saying “the space is too small” and “I just wanted to chat with some of you and take group photos”.

    She’s so chaotic. Who is advising her?
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  10. Looks like it's still going ahead from her instagram stories though.. as much as she's questionable and I don't particularly like her as a person anymore, I actually (dare I say it) think this is quite nice of her to do?
  11. She’s always been great to fans, but the relationship is pretty toxic and manipulative dd
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  12. like most of them dd
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  13. She’s now deleted all stories about the meet and greet. Fans are in the pizzeria now with hundreds more queued outside.

    She was due to arrive at 2pm (already delayed from 12pm).
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  14. Everyone there knew Nicki wouldn't be on time ddd. She never has been. She sent pizza and water out to the people qued outside though.
  15. I keep imagining her turning up at the crack of dawn and turning the kitchen into a glam room while everyone waits
  16. How much did Koko pay for this?
  17. Looks like absolute insanity

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  18. I’m sort of obsessed with her turning up 5 hours late and then blaming the fans for being so rabid when she eventually did.
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