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Nicki Minaj - "Super Freaky Girl"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. Cops saying the scene was too overwhelming and Nicki isn't coming back... the Barbz aren't having it.


    She actually went back ddd. Looks like a wildly unsafe scene, though.

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  2. After what happened last year, fan safety should be at the forefront of these artists' minds when doing anything remotely involving any sort of crowd, particularly one that's known to be as wild as this one.

    Leaving it up to the damn Met police (who should be actually, like, dealing with other shit) and whatever underpaid security Koko have, on one of the hottest days of the year when the fans are dehydrated and full of adrenaline, is a recipe for it to be a fucking disaster.

    She's fully aware these videos will do the rounds online solidifying her as The Queen Of Rap Y'all!!! She Shut It Down Wherever She Goes!!! but at the potential expense of the safety of all these Barbz packing the streets.
  3. She didn’t go into the cafe because of the crowds outside so the people who were at the front of the queue this morning and spent the day inside waiting didn’t even get to see her.

    What an iconic mess.
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  4. Where are all these people when her songs need to go to #1?!
  5. I think it was a perfect storm of factors today to be honest (not to mention the fact that it’s Nicki too…)

    The long and short of it is that the venue wasn’t suitable. It wasn’t even planned to be in the Koko venue, it was in the bar attached to it. Koko have had a gig booked in for tonight for ages. The bar next door a capacity of less than 150. She was always going to attract a bigger turnout than what could fit. In fact, she alluded to as much on her (deleted) Story from earlier today where she said “ I don't want to use the small cafe tho. We'd only be able to use the bigger space that they told me fits a lot of ppl yesterday”. Whoever signed off on Cafe Koko as the venue is at fault here.

    She announced it late last night which gave plenty of people time to make travel plans. That’s probably a good thing to do when it’s going to be early in the day and in a suitable size venue. When she then moved it to later in the day, it meant more and more people were able to travel to join the queue and think they would get to see her. We won’t even get into her being so late.

    The definition of a “meet and greet” probably didn’t help either. Nicki herself backtracked on this earlier today saying she just wanted to “chat & take group pics w/da barbz for like an hour or so”. It sounds like she wanted to make this an intimate thing for her hardcore fans rather than a big public event.

    And obviously, the weather. Hottest day of the year. People standing all day to get a glimpse of her.

    I think had they arranged this with a more suitable venue - even opening up a gig venue or theatre for the day - could’ve made it a special day for Nicki fans but a mixture of underestimation, lack of organisation and a poor venue choice made it what it was.
  6. It really was an unfair situation to put the police in (and I never sympathetize with cops ddd). It seems like everything turned out fine but fans were literally busting down the fences outside the venue and running in traffic after her car, it could have been a very bad scene. I'm surprised Nicki even felt comfortable getting in the middle like that, but she must have some faith in her fanbase.

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  7. Her and her fans are just terrible.
  8. Absolutely not sure if it's from today but it is iconic?

  9. It is!
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  10. She’s not worth it!
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  11. Based on her story it looks like she met up with around 20 fans privately a little later. Probably what she should have just done in the first place, though she wouldn't be Nicki without a mess.
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  12. Being a full blown Barb in 2022 should make you eligible for a couple of free therapy sessions teebs.
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  13. I just… the mess… she really is an awful human being. She doesn’t deserve this adoration and support.
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  14. Why do I feel like her fans particularly in the UK only go as hard as they do for the sake of looking like the best fans? Like it's giving a certain level of cringe because the maths don't add up. This woman is serving crumbs on a platter and you're behaving like it's Spicemania '97.
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  15. It's easy to look at what she's done the last few years and be dismissive, but she basically birthed modern stan culture on Myspace/Twitter and always made Barbz feel like there was a deeper personal connection than most artists have. Plus, she was ubiquitous across rap, pop, dance and r&b for over a decade... that doesn't just go away. Particularly when so few black artists get that type of across-the-board saturation. A lot of the Barbz will always ride for Nicki because she made them feel seen, heard and represented in a way they never had before. She's larger than life at this point.
  16. Very harsh but I'm having trouble finding the lie.
  17. I wonder what happened with the police officer(s). There's a clip of her walking over to talk with them when the big crowd started following her, and then a different clip elsewhere that cuts off where she is mentioning racism. I wonder if she'll speak out about that?

    I hope she's okay regardless of my opinion of her behaviour, and god love those fans that have put themselves through absolute torture this weekend by this sounds of it dd.
  18. Yes but the Barbz on the videos are 13 years old so it’s not the Myspace guys or her Pink Friday fans
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  19. Trust Nicki to go about creating her own A Hard Day's Night moment of fan worship
  20. That could've gone sour so easily, holy shit.
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