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Nicki Minaj - "Super Freaky Girl"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. It's crazy how people were writing the obituary for her career a few years back as Cardi's fame grew. I even remember someone here blaming Tidal scammery (of all things) for the chart success she was still having. Like her or not, she's still a huge cultural force.
  2. She hadn’t had a real hit in years though. And Queen was messy af.
  3. Wikipedia update:

    2022: Career meet and greet resurgence
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  5. The era is certainly living up to its name.
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  6. A quick post and delete on Nicki’s Instagram today:

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  7. Stay in school Barbz!!
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  8. Teasing a new single sampling Super Freak.

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  9. A little derivative of Anaconda, but sounds like a smash.
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  10. I hear something...

    Anaconda is her highest charting solo hit so I'm not mad at her going for something similar again, especially sampling a bop like Super Freak.
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  11. 3Xs


    Ddd Nicki about to get the gays back on board while Cardi is busy doing "masculine" music.
  12. It’s giving very much Anaconda 2.0 but I’m not mad at that and it also sounds like something that would be a hit from that snippet .
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  13. Hopefully Nic doesn’t ruin this by throwing some men (outside of Rick James) on it
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  14. She liked a tweet asking if it was a solo song, so I don't think we need to worry about a feature. I'm more concerned about whether they have anything actually ready to drop (single cover/video, etc). Hopefully she doesn't waste the hype she has right now.
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  15. Yeah this sounds way better than anything post-Queen.
  16. Her problematic antics have left me sour on her, but a Super Freak sample with her strong flow is enough to make me hate-bop the house down boots. I am only human.

    She's truly diabolical.
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  17. The F R EEEE A K part doesn't feel energetic enough in first snippet listen but should work just fine eventually.
  18. I wonder if she was just sitting on this and waiting for Cardi to release something before announcing it nn

    It does sound like a bop though, first time I'm actually looking forward to a Nicki song since Queen.
  19. She mentioned during those radio interviews a few months back that she was sitting on a big single but said she didn't want to come back after a long hiatus with a sexual song that sounded like what the other girls were doing (this was at the peak of Big Energy smashing). She also liked this...

    Also - justice for Seeing Green and Fractions, both of which were immaculate and slept on (understandable, given... everything she's been doing).
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