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Nicki Minaj - Yikes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Not sure what this is, but new era so new thread, new mess (same old wardrobe)

    Next Friday
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  2. Welp. Best get ready for another rollercoaster ride of an era I guess
  3. Hmmm I’m perched as always for a new Nicki era
  4. Nn now I'm gonna be reminded of Meghan Trainor every time I see this thread's title.
  5. I wonder if it's a song or a mixtape or an album.
    Kind of leaning towards the former, if only to avoid disappointment.

    Let's hope it's as strong as Chun-Li.
  6. Excited, especially with her new team.
  7. When she's at her best, Nicki is absolutely one of the best MCs in the game. I've been listening to The Crying Game, LLC, Lookin' Ass, Ganja Burn, and Win Again a lot lately. I hope she has gotten a competent management team in place to properly plan the rollout, ensure she keeps on schedule, etc. The material during the Queen era was fantastic, but she kept finding new ways to fuck everything else up.

    Promo pic is great. I love her with long dark hair.
  8. Can she do anything right? I don’t want to wait. Release this tonight.
  9. dddd she's doing Queen radio with the launch.

  10. I’m cautiously perched.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. If there's a Queen radio coming then I guarantee the only outcome is that she's going to ruin everything for herself again. Do it.
  13. Who's the new team?
  14. Perched for the utter mess Queen radio will bring.
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  15. She split with her old management (who had been with her since 2010) and it's rumored she's with Irving Azoff now. He represents Travis Scott, Gwen Stefani, etc.
  16. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Does a new team mean a new personality and ability to own her mistakes and take responsibility for the terrible people she's not only associated with, but promoted, using her platform the past eighteen months?
  17. Honestly that latter part is never going to come, sadly (I mean, that man is clearly in the video).
    I've accepted it's less of a Nicki problem and more of a *rap* problem, they're all as bad as each other.

    I do hope her attitude is better though... she messed things up for herself last time by constantly getting in her feelings rather than being smart.
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  18. I will say, not every Queen radio was disastrous. When she's just having fun, calling people up and asking wildly inappropriate questions about their sex lives it's a hoot.
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  19. Despite the mess of the last era, I'm still perched for whatever this will turn out to be. Musically, Queen was a great album with Ganja Burn being a career high.
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