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Nicki Minaj - Yikes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 13, 2019.

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  1. Wtf is a Atrl
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  2. We're obviously being mean for not liking the paedophilia and rape apologist/supporter.
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  3. Oh it’s one of those pages where nothing made sense until I clicked “Show Ignored Content”.
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  4. She married that dude?
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  5. Sis is being a MESS on her Queen radio....

  6. Why is she like this firjbtkenrmd
  7. Oh lord, I can’t believe she admitted that she’s marrying a fucking rapist
  8. Im fucking hollering on my bed. She always brings the kiis.

    This feels like a goddamn Queen era continuation already.
  9. Keep burying your career Nicki.
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  10. Her twitter replies are already a fucking mess after she dragged Miley, eek.
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  11. It's nice to know that she's finally confirming herself as one of the worst humans in the music industry.
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  12. PERDUE CHICKEN though, not a brand name drop
  13. The smilers ain't smiling today.
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  14. [​IMG]

    (I have to admit, I laughed.)
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  15. The yelp I just let out.
  16. The Barbz are so fucking disgusting. They're spreading full nudes of Miley through Twitter just because Nicki doesn't like her. I suppose only people that support trash have trash morals themselves.

    Who knew Nicki Minaj would actually endear me to Miley Cyrus? Drag the girl for being a culture vulture, not for having a vagina.
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  17. Nicki is far too old to be acting like this, and most of her stans are as well. She's embarrassing. They're embarrassing. I've been critical of Miley plenty in the past, but this is just coming across as cruel.
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  18. This popcorn eating pigeon really came for Mildred whilst shes marrying a convicted sex pest murderer? It's kind of pathetic how Remy and Cardi have been rinsing her out like a destitute loin cloth for the last couple of years but some lame magazine article in 2013 by Miley is the thing to get her riled up?

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  19. I love the way she keeps digging her own grave. Used to root for her but enough is ENOUGH.
  20. Basically..

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