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Nicki Minaj - Yikes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 13, 2019.

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  1. Her last album was so good. Coco Chanel, the hook in Bed, Ganja Burnz, Barbie Dreams, Chun Swae,E verse in Majesty
  2. I'm here for the mess, and maybe a cute song or two to run away with before she burns the entire era to the ground the day the album drops
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  3. Dance track or I'm not interested.
  4. Queen had some bops so I'm perched for this new song/album.

    Lets give it a chance before calling it a mess.
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  5. Looks like the video is directed by Mike Ho, he did Hard White and Cardi's video for Ring.

  6. dddd I went to her tour and this is the first I heard of Hard White having a video!
  7. Hard White is certainly one of the better videos from the Queen era so I'm good with that.
    As well as Cardi's Ring, he also shot JLo's Te Guste, Ally Brooke's Low Key & Toni Braxton's Long As I Live.
  8. Queen actually had a decent string of videos, but Bed and Barbie Dreams were so shitty that they overshadowed the rest. Chun-Li, Barbie Tingz, Good Form, and Ganja Burn are all quite good.
  9. Chun-Li & Barbie Tingz were a little cheap and disappointing to me.
    Ganja Burn was nice, Good Form & Hard White were great.
  10. The Ganja Burn video is bad and the song is in the bottom half of the album, what time is queen radio?
  11. It hasn't been announced, but it'll be whatever time she says + an hour and a half.
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  12. Can you recommend me to a good episode? I tried, really gave it a shot
  13. I want this to be good.
  14. Queen was actually a decent record. The singles run wasn’t the best. Nip /Tuck is the obvious choice, that song is the stand out! Especially her rap at the end.
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  15. Single was apparently produced by J. Reid, who did Chun-Li, Barbie Tingz, Rich Sex, Ganja Burn and Thought I Knew You.
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  16. Keep it.
  17. Don’t hype songs on a thursday that aren’t coming out the next day challenge
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  18. How long until she awards Lil Nas the cocksucker of the week award for releasing the same day as her and then has to explain how the homophobia of that isn't intentional ddd.
  19. The way the initial Cocksucker of the Day is now her manager... what a wild ride it has been.
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