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Nicki Minaj - Yikes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. I smell a trini dem bop.
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  2. I'm ready to part the pum pum
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  3. I was expecting Chun-Li 2.0 but I guess this makes the most sense for a summer release.
  4. Is it confirmed as the lead single of her next album?
  5. Nothing is really confirmed. Seems logical that it's the lead single from a new album, but all we have to go on is her tweets at this point.
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  6. It's likely since she said she was working on the fifth album (and that it was basically done?) on the Barbie Goin' Bad freestyle.
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  7. Well it happened. I got confused.

  8. I didn't know "Chun-Li" actually hit the Top 10 until recently. I sometimes forget how huge her reach still is.
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  9. Sis it's well known that Chun-Li only scraped the Top 10 because of very suspicious Tidal streams.
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  10. And I— oop
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  11. But wow what a moment.
  12. Sounds cute. Looks great. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic.

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  13. She seriously needs a new stylist who can make her look a bit more high fashion because certain other queens who we won't name are out there giving all manner of serves while Nicki has been living her Anaconda fantasy for the last 5 years and it's not exactly titillating anymore.

    (I know women can dress however they want. She does need to switch it up though - I think as well as her shitty attitude her look stagnated so bad it's maybe contributed to her feeling like yesterday's news. I'd love her to go super space age like the Motorsport video.)
  14. Trina just released her Nicki collab ahead of her album that drops Friday.

    The Megatron video is giving me Anaconda on a budget, but videos have never been her selling point. I just hope the song knocks. Seems like they've at least properly planned the release.
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  15. She can keep the video, the boyfriend, and the attitude.
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  16. Sounds like this might sample Murder She Wrote?

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  17. Surprising since she used it before but I hear it.

    Edited because initially it wasn't as evident to me.
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  18. I think it's this:

  19. Remember how good the videos for Chun Li and Barbie Tingz were? The (very) early stages of Queen era were exciting as fuck.

  20. It’s sad that they had no idea what they were doing after dropping those two songs. I’m glad this time everything seems to actually be planned out for once. This is the first time we’ve gotten a proper release (midnight on a Friday) in such a long time.
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