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Nicki Minaj - Yikes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. BAPS gives me 2009/2010 pop nicki vibes. She is so good at writing pop melodies to rap to.
  2. I hate that everytime I see this thread title it reminds me of Ms Trainor.
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  3. Her work ethic got better lately, she should keep that up, at least. Still not interested
  4. Trina mentioned in a new Hot 97 interview that she asked Nicki to be on her record two years ago, and Nicki responded by sending over BAPS. The song was done while Nicki was in Miami working on Queen, so it's quite old. According to Twitter, she also shot the Megatron video back in February. So maybe the new album really is totally done and ready to go. It'd be nice if she had one or two more videos in the can.
  5. I think she does. A hair stylist revealed recently that he worked with her on a secret project, and it wasn't the Megatron video.
  6. The fact that her former stan, who now denies that he stanned her and is currently #1 on the hot 100, is dropping his new single the same day as her...I can feel the Queen Radio soundbites from here.
  7. He's dropping a full EP including a song with Cardi. Onika will be seething.
  8. It's easy to record an album when you have a lot of free time from all the canceled American tour dates
  9. So not only is her boyfriend in the video, but it sounds like she references him in the song too. "I fuck him like I miss him/he just came outta prison/bitches be talkin' shit but they ain't got a pot to piss in."

    She just posted... this.

  10. That's... gross.
  11. If so, I hope she releases an 8 or 9 track album. Could work really well for her at this point. Her quality control isn't the best and her albums always feel about 6 or 7 tracks too many.
  12. One stream from a Brazilian fansite will be enough. She won't get coins from me.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I don't have faith that she'll ever release an album where she doesn't include every damn song she recorded. I wish she would, too, because all of her records (particularly Queen and The Pinkprint) have brilliant albums buried within the overindulgence. If she had cut 3 or 4 songs from Queen, I think it'd be undeniably great. A few so-so tracks (Bed, Thought I Knew You, Run & Hide, Sir) and one shit song (Come See About Me) just make it too bloated and ruin the flow of it.

    Ganja Burn
    Barbie Dreams
    Rich Sex
    Hard White
    Nip Tuck
    Chun Swae
    Good Form
    2 Lit 2 Late (Interlude)
    Barbie Tingz
    Coco Chanel

    An album.
  15. Barbie Dreams
    Rich Sex
    Hard White
    Run & Hide
    Chun Swae
    Good Form
    Nip Tuck

    Perf ten track.
  16. Majesty is still one of the worst songs I've ever heard, but it's strange they shelved it as a single.
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  17. Amazing how she cancelled the single right before it was about to come out.

    I will not be listening to this via any means that'll give her coin now.
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  18. I don't understand her at all. It's like she goes out of her way to get dragged.
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  19. Did my ears deceive me or did she just refer to that man as her husband. Nicki.....sis......there are no words.
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