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Nicki Minaj - Yikes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. I love how this is supposed to be a GOOD thing. Like yes, submitting your album to your label 1 hour before it's supposed to be released is a power move and not ridiculously messy.

    If this is her management team then I wish her an ounce of luck with her next era.
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  2. We been knew, Nicki. We been knew.
  3. Underrated comment of the year, I'm gonna go ahead and say it.
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  4. I mean technically Jamie King did design the last tour but I reckon his input was lending her the Sticky & Sweet cylinder screen/end of catwalk lift and including Reinvention/Back To Basics fan pits on either side of the stage ddd.
  5. Literally the only reasons the GP would even consider a Nicki Minaj concert.
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  6. Guess we need to change the thread title to Nicki Minaj - Yikes.
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  7. As if we needed any more reasons to cancel this idiot!
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  8. Nicki has had issues with “Your Love” ever since it originally leaked, so that answer doesn’t surprise me at all. She spent half of 2010 dragging the song, saying how much she hated it and was humiliated that it ever came out nn
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  9. She hates Anaconda but stans Come See About Pee...DELETE.
  10. It’s easier to shit on songs the GP know in interviews than name random album tracks.
  11. She should definitely be grateful towards "Your Love". Her career was just a buzz as a feature act until that one song clicked and went Top 20. It all happened for her thanks to "Your Love", really.
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  12. She faked it really good then, because every time she performed Starships it looked like she was having a blast, even in recent years....
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  13. Starships is the greatest, most chaotic song of all time. No surprise that its brilliance would be lost on poor Nicole.

    Shall we relive this beautiful, thought provoking work of performance art?

  14. Currently obsessed with Tusa.
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  15. Christ, she really never knew how to perform this.
  16. The second verse of Your Love is one of the worst of her career and Starships includes a lullaby sample, so I can understand why should would be embarrassed by both.
  17. Wasn’t “Starships” originally written for Cobra Starship? Nn
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  18. Starships took her around the world and into arenas, and got her those perfume deals...

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  19. aux


    Say it louder sis
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