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Nicki Minaj - Yikes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. I don't see this doing much at all but it's a fun little bop and I could see it being a grower. I already like it better on my second play (and without watching the video). It feels like it could have been a 5th single during the Roman Reloaded era and I don't know if I love or hate that. Strange song to break her hiatus with, regardless.
  2. certainly won't be hard to resist streaming that. It's shit.
  3. The "feel up, baby, feel ońńńń me, pull up if you're feeling looooońńńńńńely" part is 1000x better than the rest of the hook.
  4. As a Transformers fan I was expecting more than 0 Megatron/Cybertron/Decepticon rhymes in there.
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  5. There's a decent song somewhere in there, but it's not there just yet, is it?

    I wish the beat was...dirtier? nastier? It all feels very...tamed. Honestly, it's a bit boring.
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  6. Relieved to say that this ain’t it.
  7. [​IMG]

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  8. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I actually quite like the production, but yeesh at these lyrics.
  9. Eh. I could see the vibe she was going for but it falls flat. It seems like something she’d would’ve released for pop radio spins back in, like, 2015.

    Also the entire verse about drinking is a cringe. It’s not like I abstain from alcohol or anything (I’m drinking beer rn) but lyrics about alcohol over and over again have always come off kinda try hard to me.

    However, I loved the ratatatatat hook. She shouldve used that for a different song
  10. The refrain is very Lil' Kim's recent audiotune mess. The music is like some old song, Murder She Wrote or something? It misses something. Or even a lot. That alcohol verse is a mess. Overall I am happy that it is that easy to keep her blocked on my Spotify to avoid any accidential streams.
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  11. It's in my head and I can't stop singing it! The song Is... nice. I don't know if I'm gonna use it though.

    Scream at the LQ CGI when she sets fire to the car!
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  12. She’s got a hit on her hands if she plays this right this imo this is a BOP !
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  13. Am I the only one totally enjoying this lil summer bop? Pratatatat!
  14. This is such a good throwaway bop for the summer. This might be my fave song of hers since Only.
  15. Best song she’s done in ages in my opinion!
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  16. Sounds like an outtake from Pinkprint.
  17. Exactly. It's shit.
  18. She was in another league during that era though compared to recently so I’m all for her going back to similar sounds.
  19. K94


    This isn't bad - it's just terminally boring. I was done after about one minute but it keeps on plodding along, and the sample is badly used. It's all very track 7 on a quick mixtape.
  20. The verses are pretty good but that attempt at a chorus...the nails on a chalkboard of it all.
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