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Nicki Minaj - Yikes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Stream these songs by other female rappers instead of... whatever this is

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  2. The more I think about, the more embarrassing it gets. Like I don't know why nobody told her that the lyrics about her man just really aren't a good look. Boiling down all the issues there to just "talking shit" is very....Taylor Swift of her.
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  3. Why is she screeching during the chorus???? Sis, stop trying to sing, like get a feature or something.

    Also the Prison BF lyric? Yuck
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  4. This is okay.
  5. This sounds like one of the endless throwaway features she always does/did, except it's actually a solo song. The drop in quality compared to the Queen singles is real.
  6. Christina fans:
    Where the Latin album?

  7. Nicki's verse on WooHoo makes this look like an even bigger pile of shite, teebs.
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  8. Honestly, I've listened to this 3 times and I forget I'm listening to it every single time. It just doesn't capture any attention whatsoever.
  9. I feel like some of ya’ll are doing way too much tbh . I think this is song is a Bop and perfect song for the summer !
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  10. Woohoo, not everyone has that in their discography.
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  11. Stream Never Really Over by Katy Perry and All The Time by Zara Larsson, available NOW!
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  12. I liked the snippet she teased more then the song, and the video is just embarrassingly mediocre and old territory.

    Chun Li and Barbie Tingz were far better. Maybe she put this out to have a crossover single before she drops an album.
  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The air just sucks out of the room when the chorus starts.
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  14. Not really when you compare the stuff she did on the Queen album. This just isn't it.
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  15. I heard the song like 4 times and I still don't remember anything from the song. It's forgettable.
  16. The rapist lurking in the shadows of every shot, no ma'am.
  17. Not even the ratatatata noise? That is all took from it.
  18. They call me megatron/just did a telethon is so fucking stupid dgfgdds. I mean, at least she's cosplaying an actual bad guy this time. This is basic and boring, and she sounds half asleep in her delivery. Goes on forever, hook is thin, and there's a few dozen songs with the same rhythm that will go off over this stale track in a club.
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  19. Top 10 on UK ITunes and Number 1 on US iTunes . YES Onika !
  20. So like 1500 barbz bought it?
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