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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daddy_cool, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. I love this album but £42 including delivery for the deluxe vinyl is difficult to justify. Delighted it's getting a reissue and hope that those who can afford it enjoy it!!!
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  2. Ordered! I’m so happy right now.
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  3. I’m so on the fence on whether to order this. No record player, hate analogue music formats, never going to play it… but desperately want the tracks. Absolutely amazing package and it’s beautifully thought out, but there’s literally no point. If the vinyl came with a digital download I would have been all over it, or even better. CD, even if it was a printed CD-R! Finger crossed they will surface at some point officially digitally or on CD.
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  4. Nobody is aiming any comments at anyone personally, it's just an unfortunate thing that the licensing doesn't extend to a digital release.
  5. Is it worth it? Is it - is it worth $10,000? $85?
    Hell yeah.
  6. He's done it with a ton of unreleased songs. It was like a regular thing he did.
    Pretty sure DB meant jumpers and cassettes will likely be shipped by Christmas, but vinyls won't be till 2022.
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  7. I’m not even a big fan of her and I ordered the vinyl for the new songs.
  8. I heard recently it's 8 months minimum wait for vinyl
  9. So the Beat Of My Drum bundle I have purchased. Woooo
  10. What a surprising and exciting release! I don't use vinyl or cassette so will not be purchasing, but I hope it sells well. While it is a bummer I can't buy the unreleased tracks, I'm looking forward to hearing them at some point.
  11. I think you've answered your own question, no?
  12. Having a Nicola day and christ, Take A Bite is fucking sublime
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  13. Imagine a vinyl-sized booklet with the pics from that photo shoot. That’d be a dream.
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  14. When is it out?
  15. The Halton Brook line never fails to make me crease! I'm from the area so it's just so surreal to hear it mentioned in a pop song.

    I would've loved an instrumental edition of the album honestly, the production on all the tracks is killer.
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  16. Congratulations. You've just persuaded me to hop off the fence I was on. I'm sold.
  17. Brilliant.

    Just a heads up that there’s only around 150 copies left of the deluxe. Doesn’t mean there won’t be more but I will have to renegotiate for more copies as I’m at the limit now.
  18. Do we know yet if this new version of the album will be on streaming?
  19. Are you able to say which song was used in the announcement video Nicola posted?

    The deluxe tracks are exclusive to the vinyl
  20. Crash.
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