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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daddy_cool, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Island

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    Tomorrow is so good, but it reminds me a lot of this f(x) song:
  2. Pipe Dreams is, unfortunately, a bit meh. Its the only one that I'm not really feeling. Did "Dance The Rain" leak in good quality? I wish it does.

    @Dark Ballet, I really wish Plastic Pop can work some deal with Sophie EB and her old label and release leftovers from the Trip and Scene sessions. There are TONS of great songs (even among the leaks) that should be compiled on an album in better quality. Surely her fans will pay good money for this.
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  3. My CD arrived this week! (Australia)

    @Dark Ballet Firstly the packaging is very cute.

    Playing the songs and I instantly fell in love with each song on first listen. “Crash” has to be my favourite though. I was already singing along before the end of my first listen.

    How can we ever thank you enough @Dark Ballet? This is just so amazing having these songs from Nicola so many years later and officially released. Thank you so much for getting these songs on CD for us. I can’t imagine how hard you had to work to fight for them but I really appreciate that you did that for us. I hope you know it was worth it. Such a wonderful thing for fans to enjoy forever. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  4. I would snap that up as fast as I did with Behind Cinderella’s Eyes! We can only hope one day something like that would happen either with Plastic Pop or Sophie herself. Right now though I am just so grateful we have Nicola’s CD. Things like this are so rare.
  5. Is anyone else still waiting for their CD? It's a bit odd to see people in the US and Australia already have it and yet I'm in Europe and mine hasn't arrived yet.
  6. Brexit
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  7. GCZ


    I just got my CD this weekend and I live in the States.

    I have to say I love all the previously unheard tracks aside from the noisy Lucky Day remix. So Damn Right and Heart Racing are definitely my favorites. I’ve also added Lucky Day Dancer back to my rotation as I forgot how good this mix is.
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  8. The turnaround time to receive my CD was pretty fast. I think between ordering at the start of February and it arriving last week in California was just about a week. Probably the fastest shipping experience I've had in my life from the UK.
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  9. I forgot about the iconic Rhythm Is a Dancer mix! That was a classic.
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  10. So I finally got it and listened to the Behind Cinderella’s Eyes and, honestly, I prefer it to the parent album. “Crash”, “Head”, “Tomorrow”, and “Heart Racing” (though the little vocal glitch at 2:34 is a bit jarring) are my favorites. They’re all top tier pop songs though, so I’m surprised the label didn’t at least use some as “UK bonus tracks”.

    Also, the “Lucky Day” remix? Should’ve been the main version. It’s got so much more character and her vocals (and her vocal choices) suit that production more rather than sounding like a bull in a China room with the one that was actually released.

    Thank you @Dark Ballet for this fantastic package.
  11. So I have just seen your post on Instagram @Dark Ballet does this mean that 'Cinderella's Eyes' will be eligible to chart the week of vinyl release?
  12. Yes
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  13. GCZ


    This may be a pre-mature statement but “Heart Racing” is quickly becoming my favorite track overall by Nicola. It’s so catchy!
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  14. I was going to say this too. I only found out about this release from this thread and honestly I'm so grateful. It's just brilliant. Thank you @Dark Ballet

    Even my fiancé said it was 'quite good', which is a huge compliment considering he usually listens to Metallica and Iron Maiden nn.
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  15. SBK


    Is it? Not sure it is Haha
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  16. It is! A rare display of taste!
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  17. Understandable but it's a bit of shame considering what a stone cold bop it is.
  18. I had never heard it until recently and I bopped. I also only found out about the (really obvious once you figure it out) sample in Sabrina Washington's OMG so I've fully been in my Rhythm Is a Dancer bag lately.
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  19. I don’t really like “Lucky Day Dancer”, would’ve preferred it if she did it like P!nk and her “Sweet Dreams” remix of “Get The Party Started”, where she redid the vocals and included the chorus of “Rhythm Is A Dancer”.

    She sounded great when she did the chorus live:
  20. About to rip my CD so I can listen to the new tracks for the first time!

    PS: Is there an iTunes cover file we can use of the new artwork? It's automatically given me the original.
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