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Nicola Roberts

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daddy_cool, Jul 7, 2009.

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  2. Thank you so much!
  3. My CD finally arrived and I have to say I wish she gave Crash the proper single treatment.

    It's such a great track and with its 80s influences it would fit right so well with the current pop landscape.
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  4. Does Nicola have vocals on Cheryl’s “Love Made Me Do It”? I think I only listened to this song once before today.

    It sounds like Nicola saying “It wasn’t my fault” during the chorus.
  5. I think she has backing vocals on that and Let You.
  6. The re-release has made me revisit the album and it’s really good, I guess I just didn’t have space for it as I was expecting something more left-field but it’s a damn good pop record. I’m excited for the new music she was taking about.
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  7. Wonder what the insane thing is she’s mentioned on her Instagram stories
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  8. Crossing my fingers for a spot at Hoopla!
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  9. I wonder if she’s part of the Jubilee pageant on Sunday? Celebrity guests and singers are apparently included on the parade with buses being themed around each decade of music - there’s a 00s bus, so could make sense with her representing Girls Aloud?
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  10. ADM


    I feel like it could be Jubilee related?
  11. That would be incredible but somehow I doubt it’s that
  12. Yeah, Hoopla surely won’t be “insane” given that she did it last year and that there isn’t anyone I can see Nicola particularly guest appearing with…?

    Whereas, I could see her having some involvement with the Jubilee celebrations? As I said, maybe on the “noughties” bus for the Sunday pageant parade? I know it also probably means nothing, but Girls Aloud have been added to the official Buckingham Palace Jubilee playlist.. so could potentially align?
  13. How exciting! Wonder if she’s doing the national anthem?
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  14. 100%
  15. I'll accept nothing less than Disco, Blisters and a Comedown!
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  16. That's an insane gig for her! Will reluctantly tune in now.

    Side note: obsessed with the way the lineup in the second image looks like the Queen herself is headlining.
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  17. Great gig for Nicola. I’ll watch the start for her and the end for Diana Ross then.
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  18. Aah to see the queen bopping to ''Beat of my Drum'', making the ''L-O-V-E'' with her fingers...
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