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Nicola Roberts

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daddy_cool, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. I'd completely forgotten I'd bought this Vinyl last year so to have it turn up out the blue today was a nice surprise.
  2. These bonus tracks have me craving a full on sparkling eightes electropop album from Nicola produced by Richard X. Her voice sounds so good on those sounds.
  3. Are there bonus tracks on the vinyl that weren’t on the 10 year anniversary CD?
  4. No, it's the same tracks
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  5. Any recognition of Nicola talent as a popstar is welcome so YAY grab that chart position Queen!
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  6. I’m so excited to get my vinyls and CD!
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  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Me watching camera footage of the lobby to make sure no one steals my Nicola

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  8. @Dark Ballet Any other options for international shipping in the future? I wanted so bad to buy the CD but the shipment it's so expensive to my country

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  9. SBK


    Finally got round to listening to my copy this morning, the sound quality is brilliant!

    Glad to see it's made an impact on the chart!
  10. Basically the costs need to come down. They rose again in January with inflation and They’ve just risen again by another 8% for a fuel surcharge. I have kept prices the same but there may come a point when we may have to raise them too. All production costs have risen by 20% since I started this last year as well and I’m working a second job nightshift to help pay the bills.
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  11. SBK


    Yeah, I've had to increase shipping costs on stores several times already this year, I don't even expect them to ever come back down to be honest, certainly not to pre-covid levels.

    Sadly if you think they're expensive now, they'll probably be even more so in 6 months.
  12. The vinyls, cassettes and artwork are simply stunning. Nicely done..
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  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    So when are we putting these on streaming Nic?
  14. SBK


    I think @Dark Ballet has already said they were only cleared for a physical release...
  15. No chance on streaming.
    Not from us anyway.
  16. I gotta say I apologize for a previous comment of mine. I was upset when there was no lyrics in the CD! (I need song lyrics my albums) But they were there on the vinyl all along. Yay!
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  17. The point of the CD’s were to be mini replicas of the vinyl editions. No way we could fit the text on a gatefold there!
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  18. Totally fair

    But I will say the sound quality of the vinyls (especially for coloured ones) was top notch. And loved the was the photo almost poped out from the "frame" on the "standard vinyl". Nice work!
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  19. I don't know how to explain it but listening along to "Heart Racing" just makes me feel like ME.
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