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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. I'm so stoked for this. Natural Born Losers was an incredible leap forward for Nicole sonically, and if the songs she's released since are any indication, this is going to be fantastic.
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  3. The snippet sounds very good. Let me catch up till Friday so i can fully stan.
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  4. Turns out the song in the above post is called Tammy Faye (thats_so_nicole.png) which explains the “T.F.”

    Still hoping we get at least a preorder on Friday though, this is easily one of my most anticipated albums of the year.
  5. I've never heard of her before, but both of those snippets sound really good. Now I see she has a Grimes connection. Ima go listen to Natural Born Losers.
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  6. Yaaaaaassss let me know what you think! It took a minute for her voice to click with me, and the blunt darkness of her lyrics coupled with it lowkey threw me when I started listening to her, but once it all hit me I was hooked. There’s not a weak song on Natural Born Losers as far as I’m concerned.
  7. But is Nicole Dollanganger Nicole Scherzinger's Doppelganger?
  8. I've listened to Natural Born Losers. What an incredible album. I feel like I've been punched in the gut just listening to her? The music itself is gorgeous, as is her voice. I really enjoy the macabre lyrics and how dense with imagery they are; some of the less gothic lines are also so poignant and beautifully phrased.

    And OH MY GOD, she has a collection of songs dedicated to DAWN WIENER? Be still my heart.

    Do you have any suggestions on what to listen to after Born Losers?
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  9. Yay! Glad you enjoyed it.

    The thing about Nicole’s earlier albums is that they’re much more DIY/lo-fi - Natural Born Losers was her first album recorded in a studio - so if you’re into that sound (think Lana Del Rey’s earliest demos) you’ll like them just as much. Observatory Mansions is my personal favorite, but Flowers of Flesh and Blood is also excellent. I tend to think of Ode to Dawn Wiener as something of an outlier because of how sweet (in a very Nicole way) it is in comparison to the rest of her material, but it’s a nice listen. The song about her pug is adorable.

    (She has a frustrating habit of pulling and re-posting some things on her Bandcamp too - the Greta Gibson Forever and Cute Aggression EPs are both worth tracking down, and can be found...elsewhere)
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  10. Thank you! I do like Lana's earlier stuff, so I'm a few songs deep into Observatory Mansions now. So far, so good! It seems a little less gory than Natural Born Losers (which isn't good or bad, just an observation). Really surprised I hadn't heard of her before...
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  11. Yeah, Observatory is more eerie than outright frightening. I like the dreamy, unsettling atmosphere of it a lot.

    And honestly? I literally found out about her last summer, so don’t feel bad. Bless Grimes for giving her a wider spotlight.
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  12. So going by her Instagram story, new music is officially coming this Friday!

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  13. Very much on board with this...
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  14. Her Bandcamp and official website have been updated for the new album, but nothing's out yet.

    I'm so thirsty. judgejudy_pointingatwatch.gif
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  15. I'm liking these new songs. The title track is especially fantastic. Is it basic to say Tammy Faye reminds me of Lana? There's something different about these songs compared to Natural Born Losers (which I've been listening to all week by the way)... I just can't put a finger on the right word. Slinkier? Dare I say... sexier?
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  16. Okay but the audience needs an actual release date.

    I refuse to listen to the first half of the album and wait 2-3 months for the rest, what a weird strategy.

    let's see how long it takes me to cave in
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  17. Yeah, I don't quite understand the logic behind releasing half the album now and waiting on the rest until the summer. I'm assuming there's going to be a tour (there better be, I need to see her live).

    And I have no willpower so good luck sis
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  18. Nah, I think the Lana correlation is warranted. They're in similar but different aesthetic wheelhouses in general, and Tammy Faye is very Ultraviolence. And there's definitely a heavier emphasis on atmospherics here than there was in Natural Born Losers; in a weird way it's almost like a more produced version of Observatory Mansions/Flowers.

    I'm loving the trend of re-recording certain songs, too. Uncle and Lemonade both had a lot of potential in their earlier forms and I'm glad she took them further.
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