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Nicole Scherzinger - Big Fat Lie

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aboutyounow, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. She always did?
  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Such lovely comments.
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Do Do Do Do Do Do
    Do Do Do Do Do
    Do Do Do Do Do
  4. Carmit slays and was always the best Pussycat Doll besides Melody so let's not front.
  5. Demos for #R9
  6. So many unnecessary hashtags.

    I love her and her voice but her album is a huge miss with me. Hopefully she can come up with something great this time around.
  7. YASSSS @ Freak interpolating Don't Cha!

    I mean, neither song particularly sounds like something that would get played on the radio, but neither did 95% of Big Fat Lie so...
  8. Absolutely love these two tracks! 'Wild Love' more than 'Freak'.
    I love the 'Don't Cha' reference in 'Freak'.

    I agree, these are better than half the tracks on 'Big Fat Lie'.
  9. i agree with you,and yes title suck
  10. Holy shit, 'Freak' is incredible.
  11. Why did Melody come out at the end and shriek? Where was she for the rest of the performance?
  12. Pat


    From which era are those two leaked Nicole songs?

    I'm still praying the full 'Just Say Yes' will leak one day.

    I love Big Fat Lie exactly as it is and a lot more than I ever expected to, but Freak would have been perfect just to lift the energy a bit more. Presumably these didn't get used because they cost too much, being Dr. Luke productions? I hate that. I know that's the way the world works, but it's depressing.

    Wild Dream would have been a mildly interesting deluxe edition track, so that's no big loss.
  14. STOP, that song and Save Me from Myself are lost treasures.
  15. I'm going to start one of those inevitable conversations where everybody posts their own ideas, but just a few small changes could have really given this album a kick up the arse:

    - Heartbreaker as a pre-album single, with Nicole in full on Janet-'I Get Lonely' mode in the video would have been perfect to set the tone. Maybe throw a rapper on to add some weight and interest.

    - Release Your Love as the album launch single, with an X Factor performance.

    - Title the album 'Girl With A Diamond Heart' or just 'Diamond Heart' and use something like this for the cover:

    - Release Run as a winter single to keep the momentum up over Christmas

    - God of War release in the New Year

    I know most people disagree but I genuinely think this is a brilliant collection of songs, exactly as it is. It's all the bits and bobs surrounding it that buggered it up.
  16. Loving Freak! It sounds like an updated version of Whatever You Like (aka her best single).
  17. Wild Dream does sound good but FREAK IS JUST INCREDIBLE!! I prefer these tracks over Big Fat Lie tbh. Are these songs for the re-release or something?
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