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Nicole Scherzinger - Killer Love (album & tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Can someon post the set list - I can't access twitter from where I am...
  2. Her stage is so.....meh.
  3. Preach
  4. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Gutted at Say Yes not being there!
  5. vasilios

    vasilios Guest


    OK the show was AMAZING.

    The set was simple but chic, and she was everything, no need for props etc.
    She looks AMAZING. Vocals, dancing - excellent. Loved the PCD tracks.
    If Beep and Say Yes were added it'd be the perfect pop show.

    HMV Apollo is so good for pop gigs. I was at the front, center, really enjoyed it.

    She really should be bigger, Try With Me was great live, Pretty still meh.

    Having 4 girl dancers with 2 of them looking like Carmit and Melody was a bit weird.
    EVEN weirder, the dancers had mics and sung backing vocals on some tracks.

    Oh and 1/3 of the crowd was there for Mindless Behaviour.

    Teen girls going NUTS.

    It almost was a PCD/Gaga support scenario.

    They thankfully shut up when Nicole started....

    Club Banger Nation and Killer Love live are AMAZING.
    Don'tcha had a Party Rock Anthem AMAZING dance break.
    Also I Hate This Part and Don't Hold Your Breath remix dance breaks = heavenly!

    Again, she should be much bigger...

    I met Bianca and Jessica from Parade and Nikki from SoundGirl, and chatted for ages, before the show started. Lovely girls.

    My boyfriend was like 'you never talk to anyone when we go out in Greece, but you have friends here?' - Facepalm etc.
  6. I am so jealous.
  7. Please tell me Nikki said that SoundGirl is still happening!
  8. Great review, Vasilios. Makes me very jealous that I'm not able to see her!

    I'm glad she's doing well, and that she's being well received. There wasn't much doubt in my mind, though - she's a very talented singer and dancer indeed. I like that you said she should be bigger - I've always felt the same way.

    And I'm glad 'Try With Me' sounded great! I could imagine that her vocals would resonate strongly.

    I wonder if there's any chance that she'll add more dates...

    Great photo, too! What did you have to do to meet her?
    (Why the glasses though? It was taken inside, no? Oh celebrities...!)
  9. LJB


    Vasilios, you're so awesome.
  10. vasilios

    vasilios Guest


    I am?

    *Goes red*

    It was a Meet & Greet. I asked her politely to take the pic without them but... I hated that too.
    I'd get it if it was a street/random/hotel pic, it's her off time she can do what she likes.

    But for Meet & Greets she should be doing a Rihanna (see my profile pic)!.

    I was OK, I like her but then again I like a million others just the same,
    but there were kids there that lived for that moment, and she should be making more of an effort, no sunglasses please!
  11. FUCKING BALLER! Gosh Vas, you're a living legend.

    And hmmmm maybe she's trolling us with these backing singers/dancers? Amazing.
  12. I was there too and agree with Vas' review - it was a great night. Although, what the hell are mindless behaviour all about? They weren't even miming the lyrics in their songs and were mainly dancing (what looked like variations on the same routine to apparently different songs). Or is that the point to them? I actually asked the bf what they were - were they a dance troupe or a band? Answers on a postcard please!

    Favourite moments for me were Wet, Try With Me, Club Banger Nation and all the PCD songs. Don't hold your breath to finish was brilliant!
  13. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    After the show we stopped to eat at McDonalds and 7-8 black girls ages 11-13 were at the next table, one said 'I LOVE Mindless Behaviour, they are young so I can relate and marry them'. Mmmmm ok.

    I am 100% sure half of the tickets of the show were sold to MB fans. I mean when Nicole came on, the screams were not as loud.

    Poor Nicole.

    The new Tiffany.

    *remember when Gaga opened for PCD?*
  14. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    It's been some time now, but just wanted to confirm the Brussels gig was as amazing as Vasilios is decribing the London gig!

    Sadly the venue was far from sold out, but on a selfish level that just meant that I got to be closer to the stage! I did switch places twice during the show though, once because some teenage girls kept on screaming like a fucking siren throughout the songs and the other time because a gaggle of everexcited gays were very badly singing along to Buttons right into my ear which kind of ruined the magic, haha!

    The set was pretty much spot on (except perhaps for You Will Be Loved which went on for a bit) and Nicole was just basically brilliant at both singing and dancing and looking ridiculously gorgeous! When I Grow Up brought the house down beyond belief!

    Also, the Brussels show got an extra treat (though that word might be a little inappropriate here) as Whitney had just died so Nicole sang I Will Always Love You in tribute to her! She even got a little teary-eyed describing how Whitney was one of the reasons she got into music! An amateur video of Nicole's rendition in Brussels can be found here: Shame the audience felt the need to squeel along.

    In conclusion though, Nicole is very very amazing.
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