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Nicole Scherzinger - Poison (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. The bit before the chorus is amazing, the rest is decent to though not as amazing as some are making out for me.
  2. rihannalover

    rihannalover Guest

    Going to be incredible!
  3. It sounds like "That bad girl power I got... I'll abuse it tonight" to me, which makes a bit more sense, but then again some of the best pop songs make no sense, so who knows.

    As for the song, absolutely incredible. If she needed a huge hit to finally turn her into a massive solo artist, this is it.
  4. This is absolutely fantastic: great production, fantastic melody and strong vocals. Definitely up there with RedOne's work with Gaga. I hear the similarities to Bad Romance (mostly just the structure of the song), but that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

    This is a surefire #1.
  5. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Hate Nicole, Love This!
  6. This is insanely good and I can't wait to see this performed live. Easily the best thing Red One has ever done. It has to be #1.
  7. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I hope she pulls a classic popstar-hands-off-microphone-to-back-up-dancer-during-dance-break move during the performances.
  8. Its grown loads in just an hour, the youtube version is very jittery though, for me anyway, would be nice to listen to it in HQ.
  9. RJF


    I cannot believe it. It seems that we've had to wait until the very end of this year for its best songs after what has essentially been a pop drought! This, Robyn, and the new Take That songs are all fantastic, but could this beat them all. I don't know. All I know is that it feels wonderful to actually be getting enthusiastic about releases again.
  10. On first I listen I was so overwhelmed and thought it's fucking fantastic but after repeated listens I find it not that amazing actually. I really need to hear this in HQ to really conclude.. As one poster said, the version uploaded on her youtube page is very jittery and not HQ. It's about 3.5/5 as of now (and 4.5/5 on first listen).
  11. This is pretty good, but Nicole Scherzinger is just not solo artist material. Her numerous attempts at going solo always ended in the same fashion, with a flop.

    I'm surprised her label is still pumping money into her, she really has a strong backing, although I suspect this is that one last push.
  12. This is the hit she needed, It will fit in right now in radio, and is SO FAB AND FIERCE I can't handle it and her new image is so SEXY.

  13. Like Bad Romance....... BUT BETTER

  14. That bad girl power I got, I love music tonight!!

    There are enough hooks in this song to last a year. Still not convinced it's better than Bad Romance (or even Remedy), but it's definitely up there with RedOne's best.
  15. I think this in the short term though. It might be overplayed to death causing me to hate it.

    Bad Romance was overplayed but I still like it.
  16. That's sort of the magic of Bad Romance, is that it can somehow never be overplayed. Each listen gives you something a little more. I think hearing Poison in HQ will go a long way toward figuring out if it has the same longevity.
  17. No, no , no. It's just a bit of a mess, really. The last 12 months' charts put into a blender and then poured through a Lady Gaga muslin into a tin marked 'dodgy bits from Sweet 7' and then baked in a hot oven of 'heard it all before'.

    Too much 'going on', but very little actually 'happening'. The musical equivalent of a really loud and squelchy, yet odourless, fart.
  18. The chorus is pants.
  19. Not hearing the 'bits from Sweet 7' comparrison... but hen Nicole is slutty and trashy and that's not what Sugababes were so it's less of an issue for me (if that's how it sounds to others). I like this... it's very 'Bad Romance 2010'.
  20. I'm not impressed. Whaever U Like was better. Was the whole album produced by RedOne? If so, then it's going to be really crap.
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