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Nicole Scherzinger - Poison (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Well this is a complete treat, was really expecting something plain and done to death before but she actually managed to refresh RedOne's sound and for that alone this song is instantly great.
  2. I'm so relieved at finally hearing this. It's so good that's she's finally getting recognition in the UK, and it's also funny to see all the previous gossip websites that were once slating her (y'know, 'Flopzinger' and the like) have suddenly done a U-turn and now think she's totally hot news...

    Getting a premiere on the Scott Mills show is big news, and he intimated that she'd be back to see him, probably when she comes over here for (the hopefully awesome) promo.

    Combine this with an awesome video (which the record company should be investing in NOW due to the extremely warm reception of this song), an X-Factor performance (almost now certain), and then hopefully a role in the X-Factor USA, and FINALLY things could be turning around for Nicole...

    Jeez, if Baby Love could get to number 14 (how?!) with very little hype, think about what this could do! Despite it being released at quite a heavy time for good new releases, I genuinely believe that Poison could rise above them all.

    Haha, I almost feel sorry for the new bunch of rejects that are trying to pass off as Pussycat Dolls... I hope Poison shall put an end to them!!
    Oh god... Nicole, I love you.
  4. passionoia

    passionoia Moderator

    She's also apparently joined the cast of Men In Black 3 (as has Betty White! I know she's popualr round these parts).
  5. Nicole is the hottest woman on TV at the moment and this is one hell of a tune. It deserves to be massive.

    This is amazing, this is how I felt when I first heard Bad Romance, I cannot wrap my head around the fact that Nicole Sherzinger (someone who I considered to be ridiculously average) released something as masterful as this.
  7. This is VERY quite good. Cheers to Nicole; you've come a long way, baby!
  8. The music video will be directed by Joseph Kahn.
  9. OH MY GOSH...Nicole is pulling out all the stops!!

    If there is any justice in this world, Nicole will be 2011's it girl!
  10. HIGH hopes. His video's are usually spot on.
  11. rihannalover

    rihannalover Guest

    I hope they don't do anything weirdo and concepty, I want a normal video with dancing.
  12. It's an o.k song, still reeks of desperation..
  13. whoa this song omg its like idk weird but wow its a great song choice.Way to go Nicole post and pre X Factor career
  14. luzu

    luzu Guest

    love love love this song, never knew there was so much love for Nicole, that's certainly not a problem, NUMBER ONE
  15. What a perfect pop song!! Loves. Good to hear RedOne still has some mileage in him!
  16. Maybe I just don't like her voice or something, but this doesn't seem to be clicking with me. I like the intro, though.
  17. As a huge Nicole fan I am so happy to see so much positive feedback on the song. This is one of the best songs of 2010 for me. If there is any justice in the world this will be number one for several weeks.

    Does anyone know of any other big releases on the 29th Nov?
  18. That's the thing though, it is desperate but unlike desperate attempts which fail, this succeeds on so many levels. It's that final go hard or go home moment for Nicole, but it couldn't be a better attempt at reaching #1.
  19. I wish this was Britney's new single.
  20. Or Cheryl's.

    Anyone but Nicole's!
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