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Nicole Scherzinger - Poison (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. That would be bad! Its Nicoles vocal that makes this song amazing rather than just good/great. Cheryl wouldn't be able to take this song to the level that Nicole takes it to. Not hating on Cheryl by the way, I kinda love her too.
  2. This is IMMENSE! I can't wait to see live performances of this.

    She is going to kill it on X Factor (28th November), Leona Lewis is performing as well (SNORRRRRRE)

    I met Nicole when Lady GaGa was supporting her last year.. Lady GaGa was 'too busy' to meet us. But Nicole appeared in tracksuit bottoms and still looked fucking amazing.

    Since that day i have vowed to support her. Ha. That aside i really hope they make a great video for Poison, instead of the car crash that Rihanna's - Only Girl has turned out like.

  3. Leona Lewis' new single is out on the same day. She will be performing with Nicole on X Factor on the 28th Nov.
  4. It's definitely big and screams 'hit' more than anything else she's put out as a would-be solo artist before. It's undeniably massive and a rare RedOne production that doesn't need GaGa to succeed. HQ will do wonders for it. Not game-changingly amazing but above and beyond what I'd ever expect from drippy old solo Scherzzzzzinger.

    However, I do feel like it could go the way of Commander; declared 'amazing' by the PJ massive, hailed as a surefire number 1 and prophesied as the artist's big breakthrough only to underperform and ultimately come off as a bit of fluke when the rest of her material surfaces.
  5. Yeahhh i was very surprised how low Commander charted. No. 8#
  6. Well we know that Nicole's album is entirely produced by RedOne so perhaps there will be some consistency.
  7. Anyone else is annoyed at the abrupt 1-second stop before the last chorus? It's so irritating! I hate when the music stops like that :(

  8. I thought Leona was on X Factor to promote the tour DVD. I didn't think there was any new single coming from her.
  9. car crash and Only Girl video in the same sentence? are you sure?
  10. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Is she doing this on X Factor?
  11. Fucking hell, just listened to this at full volume with headphones, it's approximately 10 times better.

    I hope it doesn't do a Commander (though if it's going to copy any song, this is the one to copy), but with a decent X Factor performance and decent video, I don't see how this could miss the Top 5.
  12. Stop mentioning much lost potential, makes me want to cry...maybe in a year I'll be able to handle it, but it's still too soon!! Oh Commander, oh Commander......
  13. I had high expectations.. But it was really a bit blah.. Nothing exciting.. She could have done so much but decided to play in a field.. However there are some parts i like.. Just wanted something more..
  14. YESSSS! :)
  15. I don't know what it is about her studio recorded solo ventures, but her vocals always sound wrong to me. I still like it and it'll most likely be a hit, but I'm a bit disappointed.
  16. They've chopped out one of the best bits! I hope the actual radio edit has Nicole....NICOLE....NNNNIIIIIICCCCCOOOOLLLLEEEE
  17. It's actually the best part of the song, they better not remove it.

    One of RedOne's best non-GaGa moments.
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