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Nicole Scherzinger - Poison (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. The song isn't very innovative or anything but it's still absolutely amazing.
  2. The intro was the best bit, dumb mistake.
  3. I still really like this, but I think I've decided I wish it was a PCD single. I think it'd go nicely with their back catalogue and PCD were basically Nicole Scherzinger anyhow...and they had success. I doubt Nicole will no matter how good the song is.
  4. I'm sure Kat Deluna is not happy with this, lol
  5. Wow you plan to get a lot of new tattoos...
  6. Oh forgot to mention.

    This song is F-I-R-E in the vein of commander - maybe better. Hope Nicole suceed this time around. RedOnes best moment since The Fame Monster.
    People will go nuts in the clubs to this anthem.
  7. i want a performance of this SO BADLY! This woman always delivers live and its going to be amazing
  8. I'm not a fan. For some reason I prefer Nicole the personality to Nicole the popstar. Her voice isn't very nice to my ears. It's a strange one.
  9. slimane

    slimane Guest

    He'sexec-produced it...not produced it entirely.
  10. This is an amazing tune, loving it, can't wait for the video and the album if this is anything to go by!
  11. I've found a new love for Nicole lately and this just cements it! Brilliant! If she gets an X Factor slot, this could be brilliant!
  12. I love this. I haven't read through everyones comments but does anyone think it has a...90's techno/mortal kombat theme sort of vibe to it?
  13. If anyone on here is a DJ and downloads this from DigDJ please let us know if it has RedOne doing the shout out or if it has Nicole's part. Thanks.
  14. It's a fantastic record! It has the potential to be a right little party tune. I hope Nicole gets her spot on the US X Factor, it's definitely deserved!
  15. I'm still in love with this song!!!
  16. It's the Red One version. Boo. I put in the comment box they shouldn't of changed it.
  17. After X-factor I really started liking her, but the fact is that I just don't like her voice when she sings.. It's all a bit too much, especially when she does it as up tempo as this song is. And I hate it, cause I like the song and everything. Too bad nobody else sings it.
  18. This has held up ridiculously well thus far- it reminds me a bit of Bad Romance- I'm constantly hearing new things when I listen to it.

    Easily in the Top 10 of the year, deserves to be at #1 for months- I can't believe Mr. PJ made the horribly mediocre 'We R Who We R' song of the day over this wonderful piece of music.
  19. Really surprised by this song, I love it!
  20. Trite by now to observe that this is spectacular. One of RedOne's three or four strongest productions. It's a relief to hear he's still got it; the man's so talented, but so inconsistent. I love how aggressive this is; I love its urgency.

    It reminds me very much of that Orianthi track he did, 'Addicted to Love' - emphasis on a crunchier, rockier sound with prominent guitar licks. This is a stronger effort though.

    Her voice works really well here, too. The lady can do shouty and unsubtle. It would be interesting to hear someone with a huskier lower register, but as is it suits her better than fine.
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