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Nicole Scherzinger - Poison (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Resi12

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    A label trying to make more money? What a shock!

    I hate that hair, it was fine once, maybe twice but now enough is enough! They have also finally turned up the backing vocals. Best performance vocal wise so far.
  2. The superhero getup is really cheap and tacky - she's certainly more covered up than she was in PCD but still no classier looking! The whole thing looks particularly ridiculous on a tiny, breakfast tv stage. Good vocals though, far more polished than on X Factor.

    As for the song, I still don't see the massive appeal myself. Great chorus and the instrumental in the opening and breakdown is fantastic, but the verses are a bit dragalicious and it could do with a really strong middle eight and maybe an extra hook.
  3. Am I the only one who finds the way she pronounces 'pOinson' during live performances horrendous? And her voice sounds was too soft for such banger. It ruins the whole thing, really. Like she can't keep up to the energy of the song, so she switches to the 'sexy' vibe, that doesn't really work anyway. Makes her look tired and old, sadly.
  4. I HATE her feeble purr when trying to sing the word 'poison', although I do like the melody change for 'on my mind.' The performance is up and down vocally for me; she shows she can really sing when she belts but then sings the chorus like the song is too big for her? And she's not even dancing that intensely up until the breakdown.
  5. She's being criticized to the nones round here, but all I see is her ELIMINATING her peers. I mean, really.
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

  7. She really deserves to have a hit with this song and I'd love if it could claim the top spot, bit gutted there isn't a physical single seeing as it isn't even leading into an album release yet.
  8. I like this. Not sure if I like it enough to buy it. Would be nice if she did finally get a solo #1.
  9. Why do these morning shows always insist shoving the camera in the singers face and then moving it back and doing that and the spinning around all of the time.
  10. Anyone know the difference in sales between the X-Factor single and Nicole?

    The X-Factor's down to 8 on iTunes, but I seem to be getting the feeling that physical sales of the X-Factor must be pretty big for it to stay top at midweeks (well, I'll wait for the official one from Radio 1) - which seems strange, since physical only normally makes up about 5% of sales.

    It's probably an exception because it's a charity record - the 'youth' of today will normally buy digitally, but this single appeals to a wider range of people.
  11. You'd think with half the country covered in snow that physical sales would be pretty low this week. Come on Nicole!
  12. To make performances on a a stage the size of a tea tray seem more interesting?
  13. Yeah does anybody know the sales difference?

    Yesterday it was 6,000.. Its got to be less than that..
  14. If this chick told me the sun shone out the sky in summer, I would check on that.

    If Beyonce was secure enough to let the others take a turn on lead vocals throughout the reign of "Destiny's Child", then what was Nicole's excuse ?

    Any suggestion it was entirely a "management" based decision, rings as hollow with me now, as it did in the past.

    Watching her on "X Factor" the other night, I didn't exactly get many warm and fuzzes off her. At the time I put it down to the stress of the performance and choreography, but now I can't help thinking it was down to the fact that she already knew, what we were about to on Monday, that she had already lost out to Cheryl on "X Factor U.S".

    I say lost out, because I don't think Fox are gonna want two female's with the same look (and such similar backgrounds) on the same panel. They are gonna want to mix it up a bit and bring in another female judge with a different look/ background to maximise the contrast between the panel.

    Her single is brilliant and I can't get it out my head (I am sure the album will be the same), I just have my doubts about the sincerity (different from bubbliness), of the personality behind it.
  15. Dag


    Yes. If Cheryl is on X Factor US, they already got one unknown popstar. Wouldn't want two.
  16. What's to stop her from filling Cheryl's place? I don't see her being on UK X Factor as a bad thing.
  17. Yeah i got vibe from her as well.. And when she was asked by Holly on This Morning how she felt about Cheryl being on XFactor US.. It was cringe worthy.. Her face said it all.. I honestly thought Nicole would have got the job, and i hope she still does.. I cant stand Cheryl!!!
  18. Because it's already been rumoured that Cheryl has secured the place on the US X Factor as well.
  19. Cheryl on BOTH the UK and US X Factor? Vom. Oversaturation much?
  20. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

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