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Nicole Scherzinger - Poison (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. I've finally clicked with this song i love it!!!
  2. Does anybody know the sales difference between Nicole and XFactor????

    Could be really close.. But Coldplay could shoot up the chart with the release of their Christmas single tonight... Ahhhhh.. So much going on in this chart..
  3. Is she booked for more promotions this week? she needs to keep the promotions going.
  4. It got it's first add on U.S radio today.

  5. This song has to be #1 on Sunday
  6. According to her Twitter she's going to be on BBC Breakfast, although they haven't mentioned her. Keeping it switched on in front of me!
  7. The song did get a US promo. Well a little one I heard it during the Bad Girl Club reunion when they said they were going to be a season and all.
  8. Me too! after her Xfactor performance im hooked!
  9. Apparently the X-Factor single is STILL LEADING THE WAY in mid-weeks.

    *combusts and dies*

  10. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Fingers crossed the snow gets really really bad at the weekend so no one else has to go to the shops to buy it.
  11. Laurens

    Laurens Guest


    Does anybody know the difference? I hope it would be a lot smaller than 6000k...

    Haha @ above. I hope so for her :P
  12. It''s those damn physicals!
  13. *shudders*


    Don't know how reliable this is, but NME said yesterday that they were comfortably ahead of Nicole.

    *voms* It 'only' sold 144K last week, so unless sales of 'Poison' and 'Your Song' are incredibly shit, how can it be comfortably ahead?! I guess it hasn't dipped too much in its second week.
  14. Last year, the charity single dropped something like 44% week-on-week, so if you use that same formula, Heroes should end up with somewhere around 80k this week.

    So yes, sales for Poison and Your Song do appear to be spectacularly shit.

    Poison should still be #1 though, even with shit sales.
  15. She's dropped to 2# on itunes.. Noooo..

    She needs an Alan Titchmarsh performance or a Loose Women or something..
  16. I'm surprised at how quickly I grew tired of this song.
  17. I went off it since the hair in the Xfactor performance.
  18. Sorry I really want Ellie to do it. But I fear this way X factor will get it, damn physicals!
  19. I think if Nicole manages to stay competitive with Ellie on iTunes (as in, a very close #2) and ahead of her on other download sites, she'll manage to get the #1.

    The label should lower the price to 79p again.
  20. hey does anyone know the difference between the alternate radio version or the full main mix? They have both on itunes and both is same running time?

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