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Nicole Scherzinger - Poison (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. passionoia I fully love you right now. Poison sounds like a solid, stand-out track from what I've heard so I can't wait to hear the full thing!
  2. I need it leak early! , the clip sounds amazing.
  3. I just heard the clip and it sounds fantastic. She deserves a massive hit with this. MASSIVE.
  4. The verse was a bit shit but the chorus is OMGZ-amazing. Sold.
  5. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Long straight pocahontus hair in the video please Nicole. It what you suit best. No over styling.
  6. I'm still not over her performing 'Feelin' Good' on the PCD tour.
  7. But that 'approach to pop performance' in terms of Pussycat Dolls is burlesque-influenced and based on seducing the audience and being as sexual as possible as female dancers and performers. That is completely at odds with Gaga's performances, which are more akin to Michael, rather than Janet, Jackson.

    I don't think there is anything of a PCD 'legacy'. Their music had some R&B credibility thanks to their collaborators - be it rappers or established R&B producers - but as a group, with one hit album and a few hit singles, can they really be anything of a 'force'?

    I can't imagine any of the tracks on The Fame reaching a PCD album or being sung by Nicole; in fact, Money Honey was written with them in mind, but was deemed too 'pop' for Doll Domination. Can you really imagine Nicole on Boys Boys Boys, or The Fame or Eh Eh or Poker Face or Summerboy? In general, the album borrows heavily from electropop, dancepop and Europop with the occasional R&B beat or vocal tick; the only time PCD came close to that was with a couple of their covers - it speaks volumes that their main collaborations with pop producers, such as Greg Wells, were shafted in favour of Will.I.Am, Timbaland, Rich Harrison and Polow Da Don.

    I can't imagine Gaga being altered in any way whatsoever - in fact, that applies to the entire music industry - had the Pussycat Dolls never existed.
  8. passionoia

    passionoia Moderator

    I was more talking about the more vaudeville approach and the embracing of it (much like Michael did), that it's about the whole 'show'. And it's not so much a 'legacy' (whatever that really means?) but they were for a period of time a hugely successful pop act and that does have influence, maybe just as one spoke in the wheel, a small part of a bigger thing but even so. And maybe without them nothing would have changed, there were others out there too but I think they were the most successful in making it contemporary. Much like Gaga has done.

    Well that's because PCD was from a different period of time. I agree Doll Domination kinda fell behind, that they kinda tried to stick to the old formula where their contemporaries (of which Gaga was one) had moved on a bit more and were closing that gap but with the EP the Dolls caught up somewhat with a more poppy sound. And yes like I said there's differences but not some huge chasm either. And that's my point, it's not about some big competition between the two. They are/were both pop acts in the same climate reacting to what was going on around them.

    And also when you listen to what the PCD comptemporaries, those who were in the pop world with them back then and who kinda shared similar sounds and what they've moved onto now then once again there isn't some great distance from what Nicole is doing.

    I mean a point of reference for the Pussycat Dolls was seventies/eighties diva dance pop (Donna, Diana etc) and this sounds like a RedOne remix of some lost Three Degrees song.
  9. Exactly. I see Nicole as a current disco diva dance pop act in the same vein as Donna Summer and RedOne has seen this and it seems this is what they are going for. I see Alexandra Burke that way as well but RedOne has always done the opposite for her.
  10. Love the snippet. I really hope she has a lot of success this time.
  11. I'm looking forward to the X Factor performance! Hope it's a spectacular one.
  12. She's coming back strong, I can feel it. 'Heartbeat' is amazing...the short clip of 'Poison' sounds great. Go Nicole!!
  13. Joseph Kahn is directing the video.
  14. Joseph Kahn is a great director. For those who aren't familiar with his work, here are some videos he's done..

    - Kylie "All The Lovers"
    - Eminem "Love The Way You Lie"
    - Lady Gaga "LoveGame / Eh Eh"
    - Katy Perry "Waking Up In Vegas"
    - PCD "When I Grow Up"
    - Britney "Womanizer / Toxic"
    - Gwen Stefani "The Sweet Escape"
    - Eminem "Without Me"
  15. She's coming hard.
  16. I hope she finally breaks through this era. I've never really understood why she insisted on releasing such sub par solo material, but it seems like she has finally taken the hint.

    And as to the people who say she's too old to go solo...if Gwen could do it, so can Nicole.
  17. Praise the Lord. I've been a Nicole fan since 2001. Please come correct Nic.
  18. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Isn't she only in her early thirties? It's not as though death is around the corner.

    And Joseph Kahn? Uh, yes please.
  19. She's like 31 haha its hardly ancient.
  20. June 29th, 1978. So 32.
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