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Nicole Scherzinger - Third Album

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by dijeizasin, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. kal


    I'm hoping it won't take a miracle to release.

    *still hopes for Her Name is Nicole to leak*
  2. Is there anything from 'HNIC' left to leak? We have the singles, bunch of unreleased album tracks and 'Doll Domination'.
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Will X Factor still be on the air in 2019, though?
  4. Not if The Voice UK takes off for ITV. They've opened auditions to anyone, defeating a major point of the show, so they're looking to replace The X Factor.
  5. Didn't they sign a deal to take the show up to 2019? I'm not totally certain but I think I read that a few months ago.
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  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    They should have all of the judges that's ever judged the show regularly return for the final season and bring Alexandra Burke, too.

    I still use 'Your Love' a lot and would love if there's another cute summer jam in that vein.
  7. Who did The Voice exclude before?
  8. People off the street.
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  9. Not true - they've always done open auditions alongside scouted ones.

    And yes XF is booked for itv until 2019.
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  10. By people off the street, I mean people with zero experience.
  11. Yes you're right technically, but in my open auditions, there were plenty of people with zero experience.

    (I got through to screen test the first three years then took the hint)
  12. I hope this new sound is more "Poison" and "Boomerang" and less "Your Love".
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  13. Unsigned people.
  14. Did anyone else completely forget about the existence of this?

    I used to really like this when it first came out.
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  15. I still think it's great. One of my favorites.

    Seeing this thread pop up always inspires me, its very existence a testament to not giving up. Bless her.
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  16. BTW, people always attribute Nicole to be the main reason for the Pussycat Dolls fallout and I agree to some extend considering how it was Nicole and the girls, but I don't get people who say that Nicole is an awful person. Everytime I hear her speak here or there I just genuinely love her. She seems like a really chill and fun person to me.
  17. Yes, she seems nice NOW but it's incredibly obvious that back in the day, Nicole would cut a bitch to become a star.
  18. Ironic and relevant after all these years.
  19. I guess if I was following her closer at the time I would know that.
  20. Talk about flogging a dead horse. Not even Cheryl returning could revive the show and she's supposed to be a "national treasure".

    Your Love came on my iPod the other day and I remembered just how much I love it. That final minute hits me every time.
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