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Nicole Scherzinger - Wet (4th Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lauri2592, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Wet is already #96 on Itunes.
  2. Does anyone think Wet sounds a bit 2005?, not a bad think though.
  3. No ? At the most, it sounds like a 2010 song, but that's it.

    Wet is #76. The song is climbing so fast.
  4. Now it's 66 on UK iTunes. Seems like it's gonna smash.
  5. Well it does have a very Pusscat Dolls-esque concept and sound. Just a tad more flat with some more bump.
  6. This song better SMASH. It deserves to. I'm so happy how everything finally seems to be going right for Nicole. The video is pretty sick too.
  7. It's far more accessible than Right There so I'm expecting top 3 to be honest.
  8. The more I see the video, the more I like it! Although, I'm a bit perplexed as to why she hasn't got it on her Vevo Account yet.

    The only thing that could potentially hold this back would be lack of promotion, as her schedule is getting pretty busy, what with US X Factor and all. Still, she's a hard worker and it's a great song, so it's bound to be a hit!

    Famous last words...
  9. This is shooting up iTunes UK. I think it's in the forties now.
  10. I really don't get the positive feedback the video is getting. I felt it was poorly directed and uneventful. The girl can dance so focus on that (see the Right Here video).
  11. How many of the current popstars have heavily choreographed videos though? The fact that there's any choreography in it is impressive alone. Now how many of those popstars can execute it the way Nicole does?

    I find it so funny when artists release videos where they're in a latex suit or painted like an alien basically doing nothing gets all the praise in the world. Yet when this girl is dancing her ass off (something popstars should be all about) it's "meh, uneventful."
  12. I don't think dancing is all a popstar should be about. Every singer should find his own way to entertain - it doesn't have to be dancing.
  13. This song remind me off "Physical". Don't know why, but it's something about the chorus.

    Yeah, just seen the Glee episode.
  14. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    I agree. The video is a bit disjointed as it is and just needs something to focus on - dancing would be nice. And not a lot of pop stars with a "voice" that can "dance", so it would be good selling point.
  15. That's what I'm saying. She's a talented dancer so they should focus more on that like they did with the Right Here video. I think the director did a bad job with the editing. It doesn't help that the song isn't single worthy.

    As for heavily choregraphed videos, they still exist. Just not among mainstream American & British singers. They are too busy "partying in the club/on the dancefloor/having the time of their life" etc.
  16. 1. The video does have some dance ? (Plus, Right There did have a lot of walking and simply going down and up with her ass. )

    2. The song is the most commercial song of the album. How is not single worthy ? Right There was urban/pop song that was very "risqué" to release. Wet is the commercial song (and sister of Only Girl) of the album. It's probably the most single worthy song on the album. Single worthy doesn't mean "good song", but it is the most single worthy.
  17. Well my popstars need to be able to dance, the majority of them are certainly not the greatest singers.
  18. If generic equals commercial, then yeah. A mediocre single.

    About the dance thing, do you actually read other posts or just defend you fave popstar blindly? My point was that the Right Here video was better directed and focused on her strenght. Plus it made a Rihanna reject enjoyable.
  19. I feel like the video is a bit slow to start but I love it from when she does the Shakira-esqu floor grinding onwards. She does seem to be showing more personality in her videos which I enjoy.
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