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Nicole Scherzinger

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ensnare, May 8, 2011.

  1. I still think it's great. One of my favorites.

    Seeing this thread pop up always inspires me, its very existence a testament to not giving up. Bless her.
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  2. BTW, people always attribute Nicole to be the main reason for the Pussycat Dolls fallout and I agree to some extend considering how it was Nicole and the girls, but I don't get people who say that Nicole is an awful person. Everytime I hear her speak here or there I just genuinely love her. She seems like a really chill and fun person to me.
  3. Yes, she seems nice NOW but it's incredibly obvious that back in the day, Nicole would cut a bitch to become a star.
  4. Ironic and relevant after all these years.
  5. I guess if I was following her closer at the time I would know that.
  6. Talk about flogging a dead horse. Not even Cheryl returning could revive the show and she's supposed to be a "national treasure".

    Your Love came on my iPod the other day and I remembered just how much I love it. That final minute hits me every time.
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  7. Cheryl's star power had died down quite a bit when she rejoined the show.

    Her days as a national treasure are over. And thank fuck for that.
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  8. I love everything about this. Queen.
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  9. LPT


    I'm still confused as to why she likened Big Fat Lie to The Velvet Rope. What was all that about?
  10. She was hoping the 50 remaining Janet fans would begin stanning for her?
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  11. It's still a massive ratings winner for ITV. People over-do how doomed it is. The show could halve its ratings and ITV would renew it. Until The Voice UK proves itself, they don't have anything else to replace it.
  12. It's nowhere near as successful as it was, which is evidenced in the fact that it has produced one lasting act singer Little Mix. Obviously, it's likely the only way that Nicole is ever going to get exposure again given that Radio 1 likely won't playlist her because their target demographic apparently shun anyone over the age of 30.
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  13. And I believe it and bgt are huge drivers for itv player which is obviously a big part of advertising revenue and something they'll be wanting to grow. If it goes viral, it's just as useful as high initial broadcast ratings. Not to mention huge user engagement (apps etc) - I'm positive it's viewed as gold by itv regardless of falling ratings.
  14. Nicole should do an album similar to Mary J Blige's London Sessions perhaps on a slightly smaller scale, We know she loves the UK so why not work with MNEK, Gorgon City, Sigma, Clean Bandit etc blend the dance stuff with RnB and I think she could be on to something.
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  15. People can say all they want that X-Factor is done but it still has huge talking points.

    Every time someone says I'm being nasty, my response is 'NAST EH, I'LL SHOW YA NAST EH'
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  16. I admire her persistence.
  17. kal


    My favourite part was "And thank fuck for that."
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  18. No wonder she turned down Broadway. Get $$$ Queen!
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  19. Plot Twist: It's a Pussycat Dolls reunion and album.

    A girl can dream.
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