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Nightmare: The Dreamcatcher Thread

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Cotton Park, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Dreamcatcher is a female septet formed by Happyface Entertainment, who is also home to the owner of KPJ's favorite song of 2016, Dal*Shabet. Not your typical KPop girl group, Dreamcatcher's distinctive sound is particularly hard rock-influenced, often reminiscent of J-Rock groups like BandMaid or Scandal. They're also known for their razor-sharp power choreography, anime-inspired and often compared to GFriend. They officially debuted January 13th of 2017. Well, they officially debuted as Dreamcatcher... In reality, this audacious cult of KPop renegades had a previous incarnation....


    Yes, the five core members of Dreamcatcher were originally known as Minx, with a pugnaciously cheeky, quirky and energetic sound. Their fashion style was eclectic, playful but sexy, sporting floppy teeshirts, sneakers and ridiculously short shorts (by South Korean standards). In 2014 they flopped onto the scene, asking the musical question, "Why Did You Come To My Home?"

    (And I think the musical answer is... to deliver a pizza? Or maybe buy a color coordinated skateboard?) Who do they remind you of? Some names come to mind, early Ladies Code maybe, but not many. "Why" was followed up by a tune intended to be a summer anthem, "Love Shake" but it wasn't. It was just a redo of an album track from their sunbaes Dal*Shabet. Regardless of the quality of their songs, their irrepressible charm, dance moves, and formidable vocal talent was obvious. So, rather than flop into the annals of "Whatever Happened To?", Happyface and the members regrouped and rebranded, and severely so. Remarkably so. They (somewhat inexplicably) added two members and, not wanting to keep this talent hidden, began cranking out dance covers from the Happyface dungeon on YouTube. Here's one:

    Not content to show off just their moves, they also cranked out vocal covers. Here's one:

    Finally, they debuted, foisting their new, dark, dangerous, and yakata-clad persona on an unsuspecting and possibly unprepared KPop audience:

    And the rest is history. Admittedly very recent history. And you know the rest. And if not, Google it.

    Dreamcatcher is led by JiU (Kim Ji Yoo), who is also the face of the group and lead dancer. While JiU is a competent singer, the vocal heavy-lifting is done by the three Really Really Girls, SuA (Kim Bora), the expressive Kim Yoohyeon, and their rangy and powerful main vocalist Lee Siyeon. The fifth original member, Dami (Lee Yoobin), is currently the main rapper, though, SuA also can handle that job. The septet is rounded out by new members, the lovely Handong (Han Dong) from China and their maknae Lee Gahyeon. Handong and Gahyeon don't seem to do much, but certainly having seven very competent dancers gives their choreographers much more to work with. Here's their latest offering to the KPop horde, Fly High, the dance version:

    UPDATE: Profiles - Written by the Members Themselves:
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  2. Count me as member of this cult.
  3. I'm trapped in the nightmare

    And I love it so don't wake me up please, asides from when we have coven meetings.
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  4. Consider this my penance to the cult for my paltry 5/10 for "Chase Me" in the latest Girl Group Debut Rate. I did that ages before I found myself loving their cover videos like "Lucky Strike" and "Really Really" and "Into The New World" and... and... well here, this is flawless. I watch it so much that YouTube just automatically puts it at the top for me like the bartender from the local pub who already knows what I want:

    The song is "Regret of the Times" by Seo Taiji and Boy. Kind of controversial tune, too. For such a simple, quickly done video, there are so many brilliant touches to this performance, I don't even know where to start. By the way, SHINee also did a cover of it.
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  5. #JusticeForDami #GiveDamiMoreLines
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  7. Last night I was watching fancams from their performance at a rock festival complete with a live band:

    I would kill to see them in concert with a set-up exactly like this. It's rare enough as it is to have a live band at a K-pop event but it also just adds so much to the atmosphere of their songs.
  8. TOTALLY. I saw some other ones but they were terribly shot or I would post them (these are much better). Just the same, pretty friggin' amazing. They did "Regret of the Times" and in the last chorus it looked like they broke off and were playing directly to the crowd, freestyling, pretty much. That one was just focused on Yoohyeon so it was hard to see the others, but she was out at the edge of the stage, looking into the crowd, pumping her fist. The other one I saw was a metal-flavored version of "Into The New World!" KPop with live bands would take over the world. No doubt.
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  9. Stan Dreamcatcher.

  10. I don't even want a translation for this. It's amazing. Heartstrings officially tugged.

    I thought Yoohyeon was my bias, then Siyeon, then JiA for a second, Handong for half a day, then Siyeon again, of course, then Yoohyeon again, but no, it must be SuA.
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  11. How I ask for potato chips crisps all the time:

  12. I am sloan. Per usual.

  13. So hard not to love them.
    SuA gets overshadowed sometimes by JiA and the other Really Really girls but she is a real gem. So underrated. I adore her. Oh, and Han Dong - 2:40. Good job, you got a line! I love you, too.
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  14. I seriously adore Handong's tone. Like for example in the pre-chorus of Emotion, she has such a strong higher register. I think she could do with more lines but I also like that they save her for "killing parts" in their ballads.
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  15. So nice. She's their secret weapon. And what a face. She has such an intense look about her.
    I believe she's still learning Korean and that may be why they save her for certain spots.
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  16. Wig blew. I need music show stages for this.

  17. The "learning Korean" bit always bothers me. Loen said the same thing about Cao Lu, and it took 5 years(?) for them to give her lines.
  18. Here's another angle: Dance Practice view.

    They are airtight.
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  19. I read this as "they are alright" and was SHOOK by your lack of enthusiasm.
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  20. This song is fucking fantastic and the dance combined with the camera effects, yassss ladies!

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