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Nightmare: The Dreamcatcher Thread

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Cotton Park, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Interesting. Notes:

    1. The three things Siyeon would take with her to a desert island. Phone... computer... and SuA. Of course. Like, duh. She also likes Warlock. Sweet mother of God.

    2. JiU likes Babymetal. I knew it!

    3. Dong Dong never talks.

    4. They get the obligatory aegyo request. Siyeon does hers with a line from "Gashina" - no lie.

    5. JiU is the boss.
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  2. DC in Vietnam:

    Yeah, it's two shitty shaky fan videos from the audience but still the best live performance video I've seen all week. And it's been a good week.
    Their talent is staggering.
  3. @D is for Danger! posted a version of this in the main KPJrum. (Kamsahamnida! Made my day!)
    I found another version so I figured I'd post it here for the Cult.

    The song is so explosive and passionate. Their vocals sound as strong as ever, especially SuA who seems to have upped her game (if that's even possible), and Dong Dong and Gahyeon have some nice parts. And the choreo... they're never looking for their next step, or kind of stepping into their next position, the position changes flow so smoothly, just like SNSD, they have that fierceness that Afterschool had, and at the same time bring something completely different, original, all their own. They just fucking bring it.

    Happy 1st Birthday!
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  4. @Cotton Park Always count on fans to give you better quality cams than the official channels!
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  5. Flawless....

  6. I could get down with this look.

    Also, I may have converted a non-kpop friend into a Dreamcatcher fan.

  7. okay so that just happened....

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  8. When they eventually return, if they fancy swerving the J-Rock a smidgen and going for more of Sleep-Walking's sound - i'd like something in the vein of:

    with the aesthetic from the choreo scenes in this (or you know just the whole song):

    Because, I mean, BOPPPPSSS.
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  9. @Slice of Life, this made me want Siyeon to step on me too just fyi.
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    you and i.
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  11. I just realized today that they named the new album after our DC thread.
    KPJ. Impact.

    (Still absorbing it...)
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  12. I love that they can ace the vocals so well live (especially Yoohyeon & Siyeon) even when goofing about.
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  13. They arrive in plum to remind me of what a bad little cultist I've been.

    Greatest girl group in the world.

    At least until f(x)/Wonder Girls/Orange Caramel/Afterschool come back. And they probably won't...
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  14. Wow, the talent jumped out huh...
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