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Nighty Night

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. “Starting to feel depressed now myself Karen!”
    Is a line I use regularly, but nothing else from Series 2.
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  2. ‘How many of those have you had, Sue?’ is something the oh and I say to each other on a regular basis whenever we demolish a box of Jaffa cakes.

    Iconic show.
  3. There are some good quotes from the second series but it’s not a patch on the first.
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  4. If you like podcasts, check out Dear Joan and Jericha (which is Julia Davis and Vicki Pererdine.) Hilarious.
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  5. My favourite part of this scene will always be how she tells Cathy that she's "been spoiled today" despite having asked for reimbursement for everything she's spent haha! And then it just gets worse as it goes on.

    Jill really is one of the greatest comedy characters ever created. There was a time (just after it aired) that I really preferred series 2. It really does have some great moments, but series 1 is definitely the superior series.
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  6. Series 1 is classic, but series 2 really upped the ante. Jill moonlighting as Floella Umbagabe ("we've had some terrible summers"), Natalie's ad hoc nose job, Glenn looking like a burnt Ken Dodd, Jill's attempts to get pregnant, eventual fake pregnancy and subsequent birth, being chased up a hill carrying a toffee apple while Dolly's Jolene plays ... it's all so bloody deranged.

    Neither is a patch on Nighty Night, but Julia Davis' Camping and Sally4Ever are both worth a watch.
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  7. Human Remains is well worth a watch too.
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  8. Myself and a colleague who went through a psychotherapy training course quoted this scene back to each other in our role plays when no one was paying attention. I still say "it's tricky" "quite tricky" to people even now. Julia Davis is just a comedy genius.
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