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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MiChiMadNesS, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Niia Bertino (born on July 11, 1987), better known by her stage name Niia is an American singer, pianist, and songwriter.

    Following an appearance on Wyclef Jean's (don't let this put you off) top ten hit, Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill), Niia began working in various jazz lounges around New York, as well as preparing original material for her debut album.

    Five years of silence (excluding some low key covers) later, Niia stuck her debut single "Made For You" online, complete with a very thought provoking video.


    Just stunning. I'm keeping an eye on her, she's serving Fiona Apple meets Norah Jones teas, and I like it. I can't believe it's gone under my (and from the view count, it would seem most people's) radar for 6 months.

    I've been through all of her covers, and these are the best:

    Bad Romance:




    New Years Eve (not sure if this one is a cover, but it's bloody good so I've stuck it in anyway.
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  2. Second single, Generation Blue came out last year.


    She also released Seeing Red, which is another brilliant track. I asked her and the album (prod. by Robin Hannibal from Rhye) should be out before the end of this year.
  3. ^That's great news about the album! I love her music and I'm glad she's going to be releasing a full-length. I saw on Twitter the other day that she was working on an EP as well.
  4. Excellent news! The tracks released so far have all been seriously bewitching.
  5. A&E


  6. A&E


  7. Niia's new single premiered on 'David's House' is the opening track to the 'Generation Blue EP' which is scheduled to come out on October 27th.


    It's nice but not a patch on 'Generation Blue' in my opinion.
  8. I like David's House. It could be a bit more varied in terms of sound, but it reminds me of Naked Music releases from the early 2000's which is never bad.

    She premiered another song, "Body", today! It's gorgeous and sounds like it could be a lost Sade track.
  9. The 'Generation Blue' EP is indeed out today. Six tracks all produced by Robin Hannibal. Doesn't include 'David's House' or 'Made For You'.

    She also released the (maybe slightly NSFW) video for 'Body' today too.
  10. The EP is really, really good - a bit weird to make Generation Blue the focus when it's been out for about a year now, but whatever. I'm actually surprised to see Seeing Red; I thought it was just a one-off track.

    I wonder why David's House was left off too. I thought I remembered reading it would be a part of the tracklisting...
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  12. The 5 track 'Niia x The Range EP' is now available to download for free from Niia's SoundCloud page!
  13. A&E


    The original (?) version of "David's House" is now on Spotify. Also on Google Play if you want to download but not on iTunes for some reason. The cover art makes me crack up:

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  17. Posted on Fader, this is Niia's new single and video, Hurt You First, from her forthcoming album I.

    Another perfect slow jam. Still no actual release date for that album though.


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  18. I'm still so hooked on everything she does. She's so captivating. The new song is especially great.
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  19. Just when I thought Hurt You First couldn't get any better, along comes this:

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