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Nik Kershaw MCA UK Singles 1983-1989 Number 4 Dances Into The Sunset

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. A small but concise look at Nik Kershaw and the singles he released over the 6 year period 1983-1989, here in the UK.
    Singles that will be covered are
    I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
    Woudn't It Be Good
    Dancing Girls
    Human Racing
    The Riddle
    Wide Boy
    Don Quixote
    When A Heart Beats
    Nobody Knows
    Radio Musicola
    One Step Ahead
    Elizabeth's Eyes.
    Once again I shall list the clips at the start of the week, then look at each track individually plus their UK Chart runs. Look forward to seeing a few of you here on Monday.

    SCORING You can have 1 12 point 1 11 point and the rest 10 or below. For 10 and below 1/2 points are acceptable.
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  2. Just to start you off, here are the 2 videos for I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

  3. Yes! Getting my fingerless gloves and mullet wig ready!
  4. Don't forget your snood!
    Count me in for the Human "Rate"-ing
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  5. Let's start with the next two. First up Wouldn't It Be Good

    Next up Dancing Girls
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  6. And the final two 1984 singles Starting with Human Racing

    Finally for now The Riddle
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  7. Later today, the rest of the singles, then I shall look at them individually plus the chart postions as well.
  8. Yay, a nice, short rate. I'm interested in this one.
  9. Here's a better quality version of the original 'I Won't Let the Sun Go Down On Me' video. It seems to have disappeared from the search results:

  10. Count me in as well!
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  11. Let's head into 1985. And start with Wide Boy

    Next Up Don Quixote

    Finally from 1985 When A Heart Beats
  12. Two singles for 1986 First up Nobody Knows.

    Radio Musicola
  13. The final two singles for the rate. Up first One Step Ahead

    Finally Elizabeth's Eyes
  14. I shall start looking at the chart runs for each eligible track tomorrow.
  15. Aw, fantastic! A lovely short rate, but definitely worth doing. He was a babe way back when too!
  16. [​IMG]

    First up we have I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. Rather than do the track twice I shall look at both chart runs now. First time out the track was released in November 1983, possibly not the right time to release such an upbeat track about the sun, as we here in the UK were entering late Autumn.

    Chart Run 1983 Entered Chart 19/11/1983 68-49-47-55-67 Highest Chart Position 47 Weeks On Chart 5
    Chart Run 1984 Entered Chart 16/06/1984 18-4-2-3-4-7-9-17-27-33-38-47-52 Highest Chart Position 2 Weeks On Chart 13
    An out and out synth pop song this. Catchy and easily one of the best first singles of any artist, although failing to to go top 40 in 1983, it became Nik's highest charting single just 6 months after it's initial release.
    I should also add the B-Side Dark Glasses is almost as good. A superb back up to the A-Side.
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  17. Up next the track that gave Nik his first Top 10 single in February/March 1984. Wouldn't It Be Good.

    Chart Run 1984 Entered Chart 28/10/1984 53-38-32-14-9-4-4-4-6-12-21-38-51-66 Highest Chart Position 4 Weeks On Chart 14.
    A superb piece of atmospheric synth pop with an excellent video to go with it. Also Monkey Business the B-Side is another very good B-Side from Nik. This was one of those tracks that grew on you each time you heard it.
  18. Next up in 1984 came Dancing Girls
    Chart Run 1984 Entered Chart 14/04/1984 35-25-18-14-13-14-27-37-50 Highest Chart Position 13 Weeks On Chart 9
    Dancing Girls for me is his weakest single of 1984, but that doesn't mean it is bad, by any means a good synth pop track but compared to what has gone before, not as memorable.
  19. We now move on to Human Racing
    Chart Run 1984 Entered Chart 15/09/1984 38-20-19-20-30-44-59 Highest Chart Position 19 Weeks On Chart 7
    A real surprise for me this. I thought it would be Top 10 no problem. Another atmosperic led track that builds throughout and left me wanting more rather than less.
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  20. The final 1984 single next, The Riddle
    Chart Run 1984 Entered Chart 17/11/1984 17-5-4-3-8-8-12-11-14-32-55 Highest Chart Position 3 Weeks On Chart 11
    I vividly remember watching Nik's appearance on Top Of The Pops wearing the Feed The World T-shirt as the song was the highest new entry that week at 17. Yet again a grower but this sticks in the brain. The build up of the drums leading into the synth and guitars, made this magical to me back in 1984. Still stands strong today.
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