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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. OMG I totally forgot about Sometimes! I used to play the Hell out of that in the early 2000s. It's a spectacular record all around! It sounds modern even now.
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  3. I see from the amazon hot new release chart, that Nik not only has a new album - "8" - but people are interested in it and are pre-ordering!
  4. I wish his stuff after "The Works" was a bit more lively, I do find the more recent stuff very dull and samey.

    Do we know if Universal are going to continue reissuing his next three MCA albums yet?
  5. Nothing's been confirmed, as far as I know. I suppose if they're keeping to anniversary dates, The Riddle *might* appear towards the end of this year!
  6. Great thread! Human Racing was the first bit of music I ever got with my pocket money and I'm not sure I've ever bought a better album since. It's probably about time I picked up the reissue of HR, if it sounds as good as you say Eric, I hope it has the 12" mix of wouldn't it be good on it, that's one of the best driving songs ever!
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  7. Yep it's got that 12" mix, and the sound is all sorts of fantastic. The bonus stuff balls-up with The Riddle (random live stuff mixed in with some B-sides, and omissions galore) has made me less enthused about getting it straight away, but if the main album is remastered to the same standard as HR, then I may get it anyway and have it in my collection for about the 4th time!

    Speaking of his mid-90s career as songwriter to the stars, in 1993 he penned singles for both Cliff Richard and The Hollies (!), a fact I'd forgotten until the other night.
  8. Cheers Eric! I'm gonna grab that HR reish for sure now.

    BTW, Have you read Giles Smith - Lost in music? it has a whole chapter on Nik and gives a great insight about his pre fame days, the book is an absolute hoot too and also essential if you're into the cleaners from venus and/or martin newell.
  9. Haha, I have indeed! I got a used hardback copy in Oxfam about a year or so back, and really enjoyed it. But then I enjoy Giles Smiths' writing in any field (his Times column about Sport On TV is a hoot).
  10. Great book innit, I'm just about to start Newell's This Little Ziggy, which is supposed to be good. Did you get those fantastic cleaners box sets captured tracks put out recently?
  11. I'm looking for some information on Nik Kershaw's Then & Now Greatest Hits from 2005, for anybody that has this are the versions on this CD mainly special radio edits as some seem to fall short of even the listed times on the 7" singles such as Human Racing only running to 3min 50 seconds and When A Heart Beats running to 3minutes 55seconds. Thanks for any help folks. (I do have this CD but it plays havoc on having the actual 7" mixes on my own Kershaw Hits set)
  12. I'd always assumed the Then & Now edits were the 7"/single mixes, but you're right! Human Racing 7" was 4:28/4:29-ish. And it's 3:50 on this compilation. Hmmm.
  13. It's probably of no help at all but i've got a Greatest Hits from '98 that has the 7'' of Wide Boy. It's the only 7'' of his I had so I can't say whether they're all single versions. Isn't it the album version of WB on Then & Now?
  14. Then & Now has the 7" remix of WB (3:15). The Collection (linked above) has the 3.25 album version. I just cross checked the two compilations' tracklistings and the latter appears to have the correct 7" mixes of Human Racing, When A Heart Beats and Nobody Knows.
  15. Thanks for the info. I have both those CDs , so I'm going to need to find them both and then make the NK set of 7" mixes between them.
  16. I am sure he will rerecord the vocals, change the versions, forget the stuff he doesnt like on the next compliation..... :)
  17. Still ensconced (a great phrase beloved of Smash Hits in the 80s) in my Nik anthology project, and - as usual - am discovering new things all the time. B-sides that I missed out on, alternative versions, all that stuff. Finally decided to get The Riddle 2CD deluxe on CD, for all the kerfuffle surrounding it, because one day it will go OOP and I will kick myself for not doing that completist thing when I had the chance. It's only 8.99 at the moment.

    Meanwhile, the minefield that is the Nik Kershaw compilation catalogue has thrown up a new challenge. There's a brilliant single remix of 1989's One World that was never released (owing to the album's second single failing to do better than #99). It's on YouTube, and runs 3.46 rather than 4.34 as per the album version. There is one Nik collection - Wouldn't It Be Good from 1998 - which according to Discogs has a 3.46 mix of One World, so I am presuming that's the remix - but does anyone have that CD who could confirm before I splash the cash?
  18. I've never noticed that before I may order a copy and take a chance, from what I have heard the pop version of One World is only available on the Japanese version of the orignial "The Collection"
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  19. Yes, someone on the YouTube comments mentioned that release, but Discogs didn't shed any further light on it so it could just be an edit of the original. If you do take a punt on the CD, let us know!
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